Wesleyan Chapel, Evandale

Hard to find information on this little chapel. Possibly it was opened into 1846. A report published in the Examiner in late 1846 says:

During the year, three new chapels have been built and opened for public worship in the Launceston circuit, one at Evandale, the other at Patterson’s Plains.

In 1885, the congregation moved to the former Mission Hall in Macquarie Street.

The building has also been used as the Druid’s Hall, the RSL Hall and the Scout Hall. Now a private residence.

Now self-contained accommodation.

Photo of later church

Wesleyan/Uniting Church, Ross


Opened in 1885, replacing an older chapel.

The old sanctuary, in which the Wesleyan Methodists of Ross and its neighbourhood have worshipped for nearly half a century, and which has became endeared to them by the associations of the past, being found unsuitable for present requirements, and the building itself fast falling to decay, it was therefore decided in the month of May, 1870, the Rev. F. E. Stephenson being superintendent of the circuit, to commence as soon as practicable the erection of this building, of which today two memorial stones are to be laid, one by Mrs. Horton, relict of the late Samuel Horton, Esq., of Somercotes, and one by Mrs. Parramore, relict of the late Thomas Parramore, Esq., of Wotmore and Beaufront.
The Examiner, 15 December 1882


That stone at the base of the tower says:
These stones from the old chapel are erected as a memorial to the pioneer Methodists of Ross, 1935
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Anglican Cemetery, Evandale


The headstones are located amongst a band of trees on one side of Pioneer Park in the middle of the town (see on Google Maps), with the church on the other side of the park, off to the left in this photo. There are good individual photos and transcriptions of the headstones available on other websites (see links page) so I’m not going to duplicate them here. This is more about looking at them in context. (Although if you can’t find a particular stone within its context in the photos, comment and I’ll see if I can find it, although the new headstones & rose garden I don’t have photos of.)

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Evandale Catholic Cemetery

(Note: many of these graves have smashed headstones & fences, with can be distressing for some people, Also the puddles after the rain exaggerate the vandalised effect.)


The green, wet photos are from September 2009.


The dry, yellow photos are from 2005. Starting in the foreground, then over to the back left.
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Cemeteries, Ross


Old Ross Burial Ground, Park St. Also known as the soldier’s or military burial ground,, because there are a number of redcoats buried here.


Philip Maher
who departed this life
on the 31st March AD 1817
and served as Quarter Master Seegeant
in the 51st K.O.L.I
during a long campaign on the
Peninsula Waterloo
and later Barrack Sergeant
at Ross
aged 56 years
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