(former) St John the Baptist Anglican Church, West Hobart

Consecrated 22 May 1856.
Deconsecrated and sold 1998.

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Photos and background on the organ.


Colonial Times, 13 August 1853

The Church of St. John the Baptist, Goulburn street, Hobart Town, now in course of erection, is calculated to accommodate 500 worshippers, in a locality where additional Church-room is greatly needed. The present contract is for the erection of the walls only, at an estimated cost of £1800. The contract was made on the 1st September last; and the funds then in hand did not exceed £1200, leaving a deficiency of £600, for which the members of the Building Committee are responsible. But it is supposed that another £600, at least, will be required to roof in the building, and render it externally complete.
The Courier, 2 November 1854
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