Anglican Cemetery, Longford.


Wellington St, Longford, around Christ ChurchGoogle Maps.
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Longford Church Sir,-Now that the authorities of Christ Church, Longford, have the cleaning-up and improving of the church grounds well in hand, they are anxious to get into touch with friends or relatives having interest in the burial ground adjoining the church, with a view to having graves put in order. A number of graves have recently been done up; there are others which it is felt friends would desire to have attended to, and we are enlisting the courtesy of your columns to that end, as in many cases we are unable to trace addresses of relatives. The burial ground contains a large number of graves of historic interest, going back as it does to the beginning of the last century, and we should glad indeed to have the co-operation of all those who desire to see the old memorials preserved and kept in order. The committee for this purpose consists of Mr. G. W. Hudson, Mr. C. P. Ede and the rector, with any of whom communication may be made. A similar effort is being made in connection with the old church burial ground at Perth. W. H. MacFARLANE. Rector of Longford and Perth.
The Examiner, 29 November 1941
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