St John’s Anglican Church & cemetery (site), St Johns Park, New Town


St Johns Ave, New Town. Google Maps. The church is flanked by the buildings of the King/Queen’s Orphan school which were opened two years earlier.
Foundation stone laid 1834.
Opened 1835, to provide a second Anglican church for the residents of Hobart Town and surrounds.
Consecrated 1838.

Some background (and better photos)
Organ (and some nice internal photos)
Friends of the Orphan Schools: background, interesting photos (inc. inside of tower) and associated buildings.
Memorial plaques/stones

Other images:
Plans (1 or 2) and cross-section
Drawing, 1831
Paiting, 1840s
Interior, stereograph c. 1865

Queens Asylum, New Town
St Johns Avenue leading up to church, with  orphan school on either side. (c. 1880, from my collection).
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Catholic Cemetery, Cullenswood


Esk Highway, near St Mary’s. (100 metres east of turn-off to Cornwall, on opposite side of the road). Google Maps

This cemetery served a large district including surrounding towns, especially when it was first established, as the following news stories demonstrate. It remained in use for many years of the closure of the associated church (1899).

This dreaded disease has made its appearance at Mangana, in two families, if not in more. One person named Croft lost a fine girl aged about 15 who was taken rather suddenly by it, and in a few days afterwards a child about three years died ; this death, it is said, was caused by croup.

The want of a Roman Catholic burial ground at Fingal was much felt on this occasion. This poor man had to take his children a distance of 18 miles to be buried, Mangana being six miles from Fingal, and the distance from Cullenswood where there is such a place of burial, being twelve miles more. From enquiry I find there is a reserve to the Roman Catholic Church on the township of Fin gal, the chief town of this large district, which the Catholics have not fenced in.
The Tasmanian, 26 April 1873

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Evandale Catholic Cemetery

(Note: many of these graves have smashed headstones & fences, with can be distressing for some people, Also the puddles after the rain exaggerate the vandalised effect.)


The green, wet photos are from September 2009.


The dry, yellow photos are from 2005. Starting in the foreground, then over to the back left.
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