St John’s/St John the Baptist Anglican Church, Branxholm


36 Scott St, Branxholm Google Maps
Built c.1907


A social took place here on Wednesday for the purpose of augmenting the Anglican Church building fund, which was started while Rev. H. B. Atkinson was in charge of the church here. About three-quarters of the estimated cost of the building is in hand, together with furniture and an organ. The weather was against a very full attendance, but a goodly number were present, and en joyed themselves well. Proceedings commenced with a well-arranged tableau and song, “Only Tired,” arranged by Mrs. M’Daniel. The boys and girls, in suit able dress, marched, and sang patriotic songs, while a little Jappy in a kimono, with flag inscribed “Togo,” commemorated the hero of the hour. Misses Counsel (2) and Sainty rendered a coon song and dance, to the amusement of the audience. Mr. Taylor assisted with a song. Miss Walsh gave a pathetic recitation, and Miss S. Sainty sang “Daddy.” Mr. J. Horton efficiently acted as chairman and M.C., Mrs. and Miss Counsel as accompanists. Rev. F. H. Gibbs proposed a vote of thanks to the organisers and performers and providers of refreshments, which was duly seconded by Mr. Burr, secretary of the building fund. Building operations are only waiting till the best available site is procured.
The Examiner, 5 June 1905
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