(former) Misson Hall & Methodist Church, Evandale


Built as a multi-denominational mission hall in 1882.
Opened as Wesleyan church in 1885.

EVANDALE MISSION HALL.-A correspondent at Evandale, writing on Thurs day, says;– “The Mission Hall in this place has been erected to the order of Mrs. Henry Reed, at a cost of upwards of £400. The building will seat between 100 to 200, and is an ornament to the township. Pastor Hiddlestone con ducted the opening service on Sunday last, when, despite the inclemency of the weather, about 120 or so attended. Pastor Williamson conducted the evening service to an attentive audience. Special services have been held by Pastor Williamson and Hiddlestone each evening during the week with some measure of encouragement. The Mission Band came out from Launceston on two evenings, and by their playing through the town ship, enlivened the people, and quite a large number came to the services.
Launceston Examiner, 27 October 1883

The Mission-hall was opened on Sunday week by Messrs. Hiddlestone and J. L. Smith, and, notwithstanding the inclemency of tho weather, a good number were present. Mr. Smith said that the hall had been built by Mrs. Reed for evangelistic purposes, and invited Christians of all denominations to help. Pastor Williamson, of Perth, preached in the evening to a large congregation, and services were held each evening during the week by Pastor Hiddlestone, Williamson, Bond (of Deloraine), Smith, and other gentlemen. On two occasions the services of a brass band were brought into requisition,, much to tho delight of tho young people? Tho meetings were very orderly.
The Mercury 31 October 1883
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Wesleyan Chapel, Evandale

Hard to find information on this little chapel. Possibly it was opened into 1846. A report published in the Examiner in late 1846 says:

During the year, three new chapels have been built and opened for public worship in the Launceston circuit, one at Evandale, the other at Patterson’s Plains.

In 1885, the congregation moved to the former Mission Hall in Macquarie Street.

The building has also been used as the Druid’s Hall, the RSL Hall and the Scout Hall. Now a private residence.

Now self-contained accommodation.

Photo of later church