Congregational School House/Methodist Mission Hall


52 Hampden Rd, Battery Point. Google Maps.

Now Battery Point Community Hall


From In Bobby’s Footsteps: Battery Point History Walk:

An afternoon tea of tea and plum cake probably attracted people to the opening of the Congregational Sunday School, now the Battery Point Community Hall, in February 1850. Purpose-built as a Sunday school, children were expected to attend all day!

The building was extended in the 1860s and in 1918 was bought by the Methodists for a Methodist Mission Hall and Sunday School. It operated until the 1950s, when it was marked for demolition to build a service station. Community support rallied behind Miss Dorothea Henslowe to raise money to purchase the hall as a community centre.

St Peter’s Hall, Hobart

Collins Street, between Argyle and Campbell Streets, Hobart
c1856 -1904

Constructed as a temperance hall and school house, and occasional services. It appears on Jarman’s 1858 map of Hobart as a Catholic church/chapel


The land appears Sprent’s survey map from the 1840s as reserved for “Reserved for the benefit of the Roman Catholic Community to be used as Temperance Hall and a Sunday School & occasionally for a place of Worship. Whenever the building ceases to be used for the above purpose the land to revert to the Crown”.

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(former) Trinity Church/Penitentiary Chapel, Hobart


Cnr Brisbane & Campbell Sts, Hobart. Google Maps.
Opened 1833 on a site adjoining the prisoner barracks, later city gaol. It was used as a chapel for the prisoners and to cater for the free population that had grown too large for St David’s. Anglican services but never consecrated, due to its association with the prisoners. For more information, visits one of the links below.

(Unofficial) Web site
Companion to Tasmanian History

National Trust page for visiting details.
Lithograph, 1834
Proposed entrance.

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St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Hobart


163 Macquarie St,Hobart. Google Maps.
Opened 1841, as the first permanent Catholic church in Hobart, and acted as the cathedral before St Mary’s was completed.

Background to development of Catholic churches in Hobart.

Drawing, 1843
Lithograph, 1844
Two postcards
Interior, stereograph, c.1865

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