St James Anglican Church, Colebrook

Anglican St James of Jerusalem
Opened 1884.
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The consecration of the new building recently erected by the Church of England, at Jerusalem, took place yesterday. Until now the congregation have had to content themselves with very meagre accommodation. Many years ago the large chapel erected for the convict station which existed at Jerusalem in the olden days, was used as a place of worship, and as it originally held some 800 prisoners, it was amply sufficient in point of dimensions for the reduced requirements of the place. This building, however, fell into sad disrepair some years ago, and after lying useless for a long time, was purchased the other day from the church trustees by Mr. W. Rumney, who has converted it into a barn – a purpose for which it is admirably adapted. During recent years the services of the Church of England (held here fortnightly) have been held in a small weatherboard tenement adjoining the reserve upon which the new church now stands, and which building, in the days of its prime, was used as a schoolhouse. A new church has been talked of for very many years. Forty-three years ago, one old resident asserted, the excavations for a foundation had been made in the vicinity of the present building, but nothing further was done.

The church which was consecrated yesterday was commenced about 13 months ago. It stands on between two and three acres of land in the centre of the township, and is a substantial freestone structure, of no great architectural pretensions, but well adapted for its purpose. It has chancel, vestry, and belfry complete, and though the bell that hangs in the belfry at present tells its tale with much timidity, it will doubtless send forth a more certain voice when it becomes accustomed to its surroundings, and feels that it has a right to be heard. The interior of the church is neatly furnished and fitted up, and has altogether, a very creditable appearance. The pulpit, reading desk, communion table, etc., are not highly ornamented, but are quite in keeping with the rest of the structure. Tho church will seat about 250 persons comfortably, and has been erected at a cost of about £800.
The Mercury, 14 March 1884

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