St Simon & St Jude Anglican Church, Woodbridge


3468 Channel Highway, Woodbridge. Google Maps.

Opened 1885. Previously the congregation shared the use of a chapel with the Wesleyans.

Photo, 1923 – 1951
Tasmanian Anglican news: Restoration
Tasmanian Anglican news: 125th anniversary celebrations
Photos of 125th anniversary celebrations
Bishop John: 125th Anniversary at Woodbridge

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Union Chapel, Woodbridge


The Union Chapel, near the Cemetery, was built in 1858 on half an acre given by Mr Joseph Davies for a place of public worship and shared by the Protestants for many years. Parts of the old Government House in Hobart were used in the construction. In 1884 the Church of England withdrew to build St Simon and St Jude. The Wesleyans continued to worship there till the major bushfire of 1897 when the chapel was burnt. Today the old cemetery marks the site and the lives of first settlers.

New Methodist Church
St Simon and St Jude

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