St Simon & St Jude Anglican Church, Woodbridge


3468 Channel Highway, Woodbridge. Google Maps.

Opened 1885. Previously the congregation shared the use of a chapel with the Wesleyans.

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The Mercury, 9 May 1884
The Mercury, 9 May 1884

For some time past the members of the Church of England resident at Woodbridge have been exerting themselves to obtain the means of erecting a building suitable for their worship. A plot of land near the main road having been given by Mr Potter, and the greater portion of the necessary funds having been collected, the work of construction was recently*commenced, and has been rapidly forwarded. The church is to be a wooden building on a stone foundation. The foundation having been satisfactorily completed last week, and the contractors being anxious to proceed with the work, an endeavour was made to obtain the presence of the Bishop at tho ceremony of laying the corner stone. As the pressure of other engagements prevented his Lordship from accepting the invitation, the Rector of the High School was requested to preside at the ceremony, and the afternoon of Monday, the 27th inst, was the time appointed for it. The Rector accordingly went to Woodbridge by the steamer Huon on Monday, and at 3 o’clock in the afternoon the ceremony was performed, according to an established ritual. A well-squared block of freestone had been prepared, and was suspended ready for placing at the north-east corner of the building.

Before it was lowered the Rector deposited in a cavity prepared for the purpose a bottle containing the following record, which he read aloud to the assembled audience:—“ The foundation stone of this church was laid in the year 1884, on the 27th of October, the eve of the Festival of St. Simon and St. Jude by the Rev. Richard Deodatus Poulett-Harris, M.A., Rector of the High School, Hobart, assisted by Mr Thomas Wentworth Edwards, lay reader of the parish of Woodbridge. R. D. Poulett-Harris, M.A. Builders—H. H. Grub, B. R. W. Mason, J. B. Edwards. Building Committee—W. Ryan, M. D. Potter, T. D. Edwards.” The stone having been lowered and carefully adjusted to Its proper position, the Rector declared it well and duly laid. He then addressed a few words to the surrounding assemblage, congratulating them on the auspicious commencement of a work which, he trusted, would soon be brought to a successful conclusion, and briefly expounding the scriptural analogy between the material edifice and the spiritual temple of which Jesus Christ is the chief corner stone. After the concluding prayer and Benediction, the spectators gathered round tho corner stone and laid their offerings on it in aid of the Building Fund. It has been suggested that the church be named St. Jude’s in reference to the day on the eve of which the ceremony took place.
Tasmanian News, 31 October 1884

CONSECRATION OF THE PEPPERMINT BAY CHURCH.–Yesterday morning the Right Rev. Dr. Sandford, Bishop of Tasmania, the Revs. Canon Bailey, Canon Selwyn (of Newcastle), B, C. Stephenson, and J, B. W. Wollnough, and a good sprinkling of the laity, loft town per the s.s. Taranna for tho purpose of consecrating the now Anglican Church at Peppermint Bay. The ceremony was performed in the presence of the visitors and a large number of tho inhabitants of the district. Town was reached again shortly after dark, all being delighted with their pleasant trip and the cordial reception given them.
The Mercury, 8 April 1885

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