St John’s Anglican Church & Cemetery, Franklin

Huon Highway, Franklin. Google Maps approximate location (red-roofed building at end of street that runs past Frank’s Cider Bar & Cafe).

On The Convict Trail (photos & background information)
Organ & interior photos
At Franklin, desecration before deconsecration
Friends of St Johns’ Facebook page


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Anglican Cemetery, Longford.


Wellington St, Longford, around Christ ChurchGoogle Maps.
Individual headstones & burial details are available in the Northern Midlands database

Longford Church Sir,-Now that the authorities of Christ Church, Longford, have the cleaning-up and improving of the church grounds well in hand, they are anxious to get into touch with friends or relatives having interest in the burial ground adjoining the church, with a view to having graves put in order. A number of graves have recently been done up; there are others which it is felt friends would desire to have attended to, and we are enlisting the courtesy of your columns to that end, as in many cases we are unable to trace addresses of relatives. The burial ground contains a large number of graves of historic interest, going back as it does to the beginning of the last century, and we should glad indeed to have the co-operation of all those who desire to see the old memorials preserved and kept in order. The committee for this purpose consists of Mr. G. W. Hudson, Mr. C. P. Ede and the rector, with any of whom communication may be made. A similar effort is being made in connection with the old church burial ground at Perth. W. H. MacFARLANE. Rector of Longford and Perth.
The Examiner, 29 November 1941
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(site of) Burial Ground, Launceston


High Street, between York Street and Fawkner St, Launceston. Google Maps.

Only known burial 1811 (from LINC Tasmania’s guide to Launceston cemeteries).
Closed ? Possibly 1823, when Cypress St cemetery was in use.

Marked on 1826 map, number 79. (If that link doesn’t work, try here and scroll along to the Sharland map.)

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Anglican cemetery, Cypress St, Launceston


Cypress St, Newstead. Google Maps.

1823 consecrated & first known burial
1906 closed to new burials other than relatives 1906
1929 last burial
1953 made available to Broadland House School & converted to sports ground.

Earlier burial ground, High Street.

State of the Episcopal Burial Ground (1848)

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(former) St David’s Cemetery, Hobart


Corner of Davey St & Sandy Bay Rd, Hobart. Google Maps.
Established 1804.
Consecrated 1823
Closed 1872.

The original burial ground for the settlement of Hobart Town, and for many years the only one. It was closed after the establishment of Cornelian Bay. After sitting unused for fifty years, it was converted to a park in the 1920s. Some of the larger tombs remain in situ but all the other headstones were removed. The surviving stones have been built into memorial walls at the south-eastern end of the park.

No transcriptions, as they are available elsewhere. Although I did some years ago.

Transcriptions & photos of stones in park & memorial wall
Transcriptions & photos of stones moved to Anglesea Barracks
[Links not working for below]
The LINC has two albums with photos taken prior to and during removal of headstones.

Album 1 is mostly individual stones (see here for more information).
Album 2 is a mixture, including photos taken during removal of headstones (pp. 4,5, 8, 13 & 14).

Photos of headstones in situ.
Ann (1839), Martha (1839), Joseph (died 1861) Hone
Francis George, Mary Ann, Susan & Francis Canes, Samuel Rhodes & Ann Pealey

Some more information & photos.
Drawing, 1847
Two stereoscopic photographs, c. 1870: 1 2
Photograph of Davey St, c.1890
Drawing, undated
Painting, 1923
Photograph of drawing, not dated.

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St John’s Anglican Church & cemetery (site), St Johns Park, New Town


St Johns Ave, New Town. Google Maps. The church is flanked by the buildings of the King/Queen’s Orphan school which were opened two years earlier.
Foundation stone laid 1834.
Opened 1835, to provide a second Anglican church for the residents of Hobart Town and surrounds.
Consecrated 1838.

Some background (and better photos)
Organ (and some nice internal photos)
Friends of the Orphan Schools: background, interesting photos (inc. inside of tower) and associated buildings.
Memorial plaques/stones

Other images:
Plans (1 or 2) and cross-section
Drawing, 1831
Paiting, 1840s
Interior, stereograph c. 1865

Queens Asylum, New Town
St Johns Avenue leading up to church, with  orphan school on either side. (c. 1880, from my collection).
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