(site of) Burial Ground, Launceston


High Street, between York Street and Fawkner St, Launceston. Google Maps.

Only known burial 1811 (from LINC Tasmania’s guide to Launceston cemeteries).
Closed ? Possibly 1823, when Cypress St cemetery was in use.

Marked on 1826 map, number 79. (If that link doesn’t work, try here and scroll along to the Sharland map.)



3 thoughts on “(site of) Burial Ground, Launceston

  1. The family records show that my First Fleet ancestor Olivier Lucas (died 1830) was buried at St John’s Church of England Launceston which I understand to be now at Cypress Street. The family records suggest the headstone is still intact. I’m coming to Launceston from Melbourne in a couple of days and would be very keen to see this headstone if it’s still available to view. Can you throw any light on this subject?
    thank you in anticipation

    • Hi,

      You’ll find the information about Cypress Street here. But the short answer is most of the headstones are gone. There are apparently about a dozen still intact at Carr Villa (the large current cemetery) but I don’t have list of them. One of the commenters on the Cypress St post is/has compiled a book about the burials. You might have some luck contacting her.

  2. Hi Monissa I am also a descendant of Olivia just wondering did you find a headstone for Olivia or any information at all, I have just returned from a trip to Norfolk Island very interesting
    Cheers Colleen

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