St Patrick’s Catholic Church, Latrobe

Openrd 1871.
195 Gilbert St, Latrobe. Google Maps.

The solemn ceremony of opening the new Catholic Church at this place was celebrated by his Lordship the Catholic Bishop of Hobart Town, assisted by the Rev. J. Hogan, Rev. E.F. Walsh, and Rev. J.J. Noone, pastor of the district, on Wednesday, 15th inst. The building is of wood, consisting of nave, chancel, sacristy, and porch. The dimensions of which are–nave, 15ft by 20ft; chancel, 13ft by 12ft; sacristy, 13ft by 11ft, and porch, 9ft by 6ft. The interior is lathed and plastered; the roof is sheathed with blackwood beautifully varnished. The style is of Gothic architecture designed by H. Hunter, Esq.; and the plan was carried out by Mr M. Dooley in a most finished and tradesmanlike manner.

The Tasmanian, 25 November 1871

The Catholics in the district are bestiring themselves to erect a place of worship, the site for which is most conveniently situated at an easy distance from the township, and near the railway station. Under the auspices of Father Noon, from fifty to sixty men have for some days past been busily employed in clearing the ground, and have (to their credit be it said) given their services gratuitously. Quite a little stir was made when, one day last week, these workmen (some fifty or sixty in number) paraded the street two of them skilled upon the flute playing lively airs during the march, and all conducting themselves in a most orderly manner.

Cornwall Chronicle, 6 December 1869