Catholic Cemetery, Richmond

This cemetery is behind the church.


Group on hill
Close up of group on hill

Eleanor Moran
Leaning forward

The camera is straight, as you can tell from the chests. It’s everything else that’s not.

Back lit
At the bottom

I was about to leave, when I saw another stone at the bottom of the hill.

3 at bottom

Once I’d scrambled down, I found a number of stones down here.

From bottom of hill

There’s somewhat of a gap between the bottom stones and the top ones. Whether the intention was to add more graves down here, or they were separated out for some reason, or it’s just an odd coincidence, I don’t know. I also don’t know why part of the hill looks like there’s been a fire through here.

Bottom 1

Patrick, aged 46 in 1852

Bottom 2

and Mary Ann, died in 1851 aged 59, so not unbaptised children. I think the separation is just due to the layout of the land and changes over time. Although these being some of the older stones, it does ruin my theory about running out of room on top of the hill.

Through trees
Against fence

That looks more like a desert setting than the middle of a farming community. Note the stone on the right that someone has obviously cared for, there’s a plaque and the writing on the stone has been redone (Bartholomew Reardon, late of Pittwater, died 1st January 1849, aged 57.)


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