St Aloysius Catholic Church, Kingston


96 Beach Road, Kingston, Google Maps.

Opened 1876.


Laying Corner Stone of Catholic Church, Kingston.
A very pleasing and impressive ceremony took place yesterday at Kingston, Brown’s River, viz., the laying of the foundation stone of a church, to be dedicated to Almighty God under the patronage of Si Aloysius of Gonzaza. The appearance of the morning forbode an unpleasant day, and fears were entertained by some that the ceremony would have to be postponed; but at 8 o’clock the rain began to clear off, and from 10 o’clock many vehicles might be seen driving at a smart pace down the Brown River Road, filled with smiling occupants, cheered with the brilliancy of the sun and refreshed with an invigorating sea breeze.

Tasmanian Tribune, 9 October 1873


Church of St. Aloysius Kingston.
The pretty little village of Kingston, Brown’s River, was all alive yesterday, the occasion being the opening and dedication for worship of the Church of St. Aloysius. Numbers of people were present from the metropolis, and these, together with the Catholic inhabitants of the place, made quite a large muster. Shortly after 11 a. m. the ceremonies of dedication began by His Lordship the Bishop of Hobart Town, who was in full pontificals, sprinkling the door of the building with holy water, end he then walked round the church, sprinkling as he went, the priests accompanying him chant ins the Psalms. They then went inside and repeated the ceremony, the Litany of the Saints being chanted by the clerical choir.

The church is a stone building, built on property adjoining the Anglican church. Its dimensions are 38 feet by 19, and it is capable of accommodating about 120 people. It is Gothic in style, but of the simplest character, the architect being Mr H. Hunter. The builder is a Mr Lattin, who is a local man, and described as being quite a genius. He has built the church with the aid of a labourer, and for a much less sum than could be done by another. The total cost of the building, with the inside fittings, is estimated at about £400.
Tasmanian Tribune, 4 February 1876








Cemetery is beside the church.

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