Catholic Cemetery, Cullenswood


Esk Highway, near St Mary’s. (100 metres east of turn-off to Cornwall, on opposite side of the road). Google Maps

This cemetery served a large district including surrounding towns, especially when it was first established, as the following news stories demonstrate. It remained in use for many years of the closure of the associated church (1899).

This dreaded disease has made its appearance at Mangana, in two families, if not in more. One person named Croft lost a fine girl aged about 15 who was taken rather suddenly by it, and in a few days afterwards a child about three years died ; this death, it is said, was caused by croup.

The want of a Roman Catholic burial ground at Fingal was much felt on this occasion. This poor man had to take his children a distance of 18 miles to be buried, Mangana being six miles from Fingal, and the distance from Cullenswood where there is such a place of burial, being twelve miles more. From enquiry I find there is a reserve to the Roman Catholic Church on the township of Fin gal, the chief town of this large district, which the Catholics have not fenced in.
The Tasmanian, 26 April 1873


List of burials from site

List of burials mentioned in newspapers:
William Binns, buried 23 May 1901
Mrs J Connell, 84, died 6 October 1918
John Curran, 85, husband of Mary, 22 October 1948
Mary Teresa Curran, widow of John Curran, died 12 May 1951
Ian Valentine Connell Curran, 23, husband of Dorothy, son of John & Elizabeth, died 27 July 1953
William Davern, 83, husband of Kathleen (Catherine), died 25 August 1938
Mrs Catherine Deveren, 80, widow of William Deveren, died 30 December 1942
Mrs Julia Jones, 70, wife of Silas Jones, died 18 October 1950
child of Sergeant King, buried 30 September 1889
Joseph Madden, buried 1 October 1908
William Margison, 65, buried 7 August 1924
Mrs Margison, 84, buried 20 October 1908
Elizabeth Margison, 39, daughter of T & M Margison, died 26 August 1936
Mrs E. Newman, wife of Mr E. Newman, buried 24 November 1920
Mrs Winifred Ida Agnes Russell, buried 22 November 1936
Mrs Emily Gertrude Singline, 62, died 25 January 1953
Mrs Hannah Maria Spencer, widow of John, died 23 September 1934
John Spencer, buried 11 August 1923


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    James Champ

    July 20, 2017 at 1:36pm

    Great looking through the site, my Great Grandmother Isla Dora Champ is also buried at Cullenswood, she passed on the 23rd May 1926. She was the wife of James Champ and the daughter of John and Mary Curran. Winifred Russell was also her sister. I can’t seem to find info on plot locations though, they all seem to be in unmarked graves. thanks again.

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    Patricia Madden

    December 6, 2017 at 9:26am

    My great great grandparents and great grandfather Madden are all interred there. They were – Bernard and Rose Madden and Peter Madden. Peter’s wife Jane is interred at the St. Marys Grey Cemetery.

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    Elizabeth Joanne

    October 12, 2023 at 6:01am

    Hi Patricia, I am praying that you see my response. I descend from Rose MADDEN and Henry FORD, the daughter of Bernard MADDEN and Rose COLE. Henry Ford and Rose MADDEN had a daughter Catherine who married David Melville FLETCHER. Their middle son was my maternal grandfather who was born in South Australia as James Melville Fletcher (1900-1961). I have been unable to find the birth certificate of Catherine in either South Australia or Victoria. I have DNA matches. I have found two listings for a Catherine FORD from different families.

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