Anglican Cemetery, Evandale


The headstones are located amongst a band of trees on one side of Pioneer Park in the middle of the town (see on Google Maps), with the church on the other side of the park, off to the left in this photo. There are good individual photos and transcriptions of the headstones available on other websites (see links page) so I’m not going to duplicate them here. This is more about looking at them in context. (Although if you can’t find a particular stone within its context in the photos, comment and I’ll see if I can find it, although the new headstones & rose garden I don’t have photos of.)


Dscf3675 Dscf3677 Dscf3679 Dscf3680 Dscf3681 Dscf3683 Dscf3684 Dscf3695 Dscf3698 Dscf3699 Dscf3703 Dscf3705 Dscf3706 Dscf3707 Dscf3708

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