Presbyterian Church, Newstead


138 Abbott St, Newstead. Google Maps.

Opened 1941.

From Launceston Historical Society’s “20th Century Churches in Launceston”:
Closed 1988. Was an outpost of Chalmers’ Presbyterian Church. Originally known as Chalmers’ Newstead, in 1965 the church became known at St Stephen’s, Newstead. In 1988 the congregation moved to Chant Street Uniting Church of Australia. Window high up on west wall was originally top sash of a window in Scots National Church, Charles Street.


Presbyterians at Newstead
The foundation stone of the Presbyterian Church hall at Newstead, which is being erected at the corner of Abbott and Campbell streets at a cost of £1150, was laid on Saturday afternoon by Mr. J. L. Craw, senior elder of the church.

There was a large gathering, including the State Moderator (Right Rev. A. E. Giles) and Rev. R. T. White. The collection for the afternoon amounted to £57. Mr. Craw paid a tribute to the enthusiasm of the members of the Presbyterian Church at Newstead. He explained that for the past eight or nine years, Sunday school had been held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. McKenzie, but when the new building was completed the children would have their own school. He expressed appreciation of the work done by Mrs. McKenzie and others for the children. Rev. K. W. Burton welcomed the Moderator.

Mr. Giles said it was the first time he had taken part in the laying of a foundation stone. He congratulated the people on the step that had been taken, and said their effort would have effects throughout the state. People were beginning to see what the church meant. Mr. Giles expressed gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. A. C. McKenzie and their helpers and to the architect and builder. Mr. Giles spoke of the foundation stone as a symbol, as Christ was the foundation. He explained that when the building was erected it would have a window from the first Presbyterian church in Launceston, so that there would be a link between the oldest and the newest church.

Those who attended the laying of the foundation stone were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. McKenzie to after noon tea at their home.
The Examiner, 9 October 1941


Examiner, 20 December 1941
The Examiner, 20 December 1941


The opening and dedication of the Newstead Presbyterian Church Hall at the corner of Abbott and Campbell streets took place on Saturday after noon and was followed by a service. The Moderator of Tasmania (Rev. A. E. Giles) presided and performed the dedication ceremony. He was ac companied by Rev. K. W. Burton and Rev. R. V. Merritt. The building was opened by Mrs. A. C. McKenzie, who was presented with an engraved key to the door. A solo was sung by Mr. A. W. Jones, and hymns were sung by the choir and congregation. Mr. Burton announced that the first regular service would be held in the hall on the following day. A window which had been in the first Presbyterian church in Launceston was the gift of Mrs. J. Walden. The furniture had come from the Presbyterian Church at West Pine, and the Bible was the gift of Mrs. Nimmo, of Hobart.

The building had been designed, Mr. Burton said, with the idea of enlarging it. It combined utility and beauty, and upheld the dignity of the Presbyterian Church. The time was past, he said, when any building was considered good enough for a Sunday school or church. The church stood for some thing tremendously important and worth while, and he believed that the things for which the church stood were of vital importance. The world to day stood sorely in need of a spiritual sheet anchor, and the church visible was the sign of men’s need.

On the previous Saturday a Christmas party was given for the Sunday school children by Mrs. A. F. Waddle and committee, and 45 children were entertained.
The Examiner, 22 December 1941


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