Methodist/Uniting Church, Cygnet (2)

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Opened 1952, replacing an older weatherboard building.


CYGNET.-Next Sunday’s anniversary services in the Methodist Church will be celebrated as “Temple Day.” It will mark the church’s decision to demolish the present wooden building and rebuild a new concrete structure. The Rev. I. Maggs will preach at 3 p.m., and a choral programme will be given by the New Town Methodist Choir. At 7 p.m. the Rev. D. Fox, of Franklin, will be supported by Miss Lois Frampton, soloist, and the Sunday School Choir. At 5 p.m. a district young people’s tea will be held, and followed by community singing.
The Mercury, 25 September 1950

The Mercury, 25 October 1950
The Mercury, 25 October 1950

New Methodist Church
At Cygnet Members and friends of the Cygnet Methodist Church have subscribed £1,300 in the past three years towards the cost of a new church to replace the existing 70-year-old building. Working bees have completed the foundation excavations, and the foundation stone will be set on October 6. This will be followed by a Temple Day Service.
The Mercury, 28 September 1951

ANew Methodist church estimated to cost about £3,000 will be built at Cygnet soon.

More than £1,400, most of which has been raised by parishioners, is in hand, and the footing and foundation are being built by voluntary labour. The foundation stone of the new building will be laid on December 15 by the chairman of the Tasmanian Methodist Assembly (the Rev. A. W. R. Milligan), after a short service. Plans were prepared by Mr. B. R. Walker, Hobart architect, who will supervise the erection of the church. The contractor is Mr. Willem Mulckhuyse, a new Australian from Holland, who is residing at Huonville. He will use a wall-building machine.

The church, which is expected to be ready in nine months, will replace the original Methodist church built in the 70’s. The old church has hid many notable ministers, including the Rev. T. S. B. Woodfull, father of W. M. Woodfull, former Australian Test cricket captain. The Rev. Basil Allen is the present minister.
The Mercury, 5 December 1951


Cygnet Methodist Church Ceremony
The setting of the foundation stone of the new Cygnet Methodist Church will be carried out at 3.30 p.m. today by the Rev. A. W. R. Milligan, chairman of the Tasmanian Methodist Assembly. A service will be conducted by the Rev. D. D. Allen, of Ranelagh, and the Rev. D. Fox, of Franklin. Visitors will attend from all parts of the Huon and Hobart. It is expected that services will be held in the church next year.

The Mercury, 15 December 1951


A SILVER, ebony-handled trowel used by Sir John Franklin when he set the foundation stone of Wesley Church, Hobart, 114 years ago, was used by the chairman of the Tasmanian Methodist Assembly (the Rev. A. W, R. Milligan) when he performed a ceremony at Cygnet on Saturday.

Mr. Milligan set the foundation stone of a new Methodist Church for Cygnet, estimated to cost £3,000. Mr. Milligan read a message from the Rev. J. R. Orton, a former Cygnet minister, who, he said, was a grandson of the late Rev. J. Orton, minister at Wesley Church when Sir John Franklin set the foundation stone in 1837. Today, said Mr. Milligan, was a historic moment for Cygnet Methodism. The presence of so many parishioners of sister. churches was evidence of the oneness and underlying unity of the Christian Church. The church was something more than just a building. It was the body of Christ composed of individuals.

“Christianity is the one medicine that can cure a sick world,” said Mr. Milligan. “It is the one force that can stabilise an unstable world.” The ceremony was preceded by a service conducted by the Revs. B. D. Allen (Ranelagh) and D. Pox (Franklin). The offering from a packed congregation was £140, taking the funds raised towards, the cost of the new building to £1,540.
The Mercury, 17 December 1951

Methodists To Dedicate Cygnet Church
A new Methodist church at Cygnet built by Mr. Willem Mulckhuyse, of Huonville, a new Australian, at a cost of about £3,500 will be opened at the weekend. Dedication and opening services will be held today, and tomorrow. They will be led by the Rev. Dr. A. H. Wood, president of the Victorian and Tasmanian Conferences. He will be assisted by the Rev. A. W. R. Milligan, chairman of the Hobart district. The dedication service will take place at 3 p.m. today,” and the opening service at 3 p.m. tomorrow when music will be supplied by the Wesley, Church choir. The evening service will be led by the Rev. B. D. Allen. Services will conclude with a thanksgiving service on Tuesday evening.

The Mercury, 1 November 1952


Cygnet’s new Methodist Church could not hold the congregation when the dedication and opening services were performed by the Rev. Dr. A. H. Wood, president of the Tasmania and Victoria conferences, at the weekend.

When the church was dedicated on Saturday about 140 people filled it, and seats were arranged outside where about 100 heard the service through amplifiers. Designed by Mr. B. R. Walk er, the church was built by Mr. Willem Mulckhuyse at a cost of approximately £3,500. The church was financed by, cash contributions .and special efforts totalling £1,600, plus interest-free debentures, church loans, and bank mortgage. Dr. Wood was assisted by the Rev. A. W. R. Milligan, chair man of the Hobart District, and the Revs. D. Fox and B. D. Allen.
The Mercury, 3 November 1952

First Bride In New Church
The first wedding in, the new Methodist Church, Cygnet, was that of Mollie, only daughter of Mr. C. L. and the late Mrs. Stanton, of Lymington, and Douglas, second youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. L. Bryan, of Swansea. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Dudley Fox assisted by the Rev. Basil Allen.

The Mercury, 20 November 1952

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