1890 Westbury district

Notice is hereby given that I have duly received the following applications for Justices’ Certificates approving of their receiving public-house licenses:

William Smith, the younger, Berriedale Inn
James Walkden, the Hope Inn
Elias Sydney Drake, Western Railway and Commercial Hotel
Thomas Harding, the Westbury Inn

Elizabeth Roe, the Hagley Hotel

William Selby, the Carrick Hotel
Thomas Goss, the Prince of Wales Hotel

Joseph Nixon, the Marsh Inn

Elizabeth Emery, the Enfield Hotel

John Mann, the Royal Oak

Dated at Westbury this 31st day of October, 1890

Launceston Examiner, 7 November 1890

1846 Launceston & some country

ANNUAL LICENSING MEETING. About thirty Justices assembled on Tuesday. According to expectation there was much discussion, and many old publicans lost their licenses. We shall report the proceedings fully in our next, but have only space at present to insert a list of the applications granted and refused.

John Ashton, Good Woman, Bathurst-street
John Barrett, Black Horse, Wellington and Elizabeth-streets
Edmund Bartlett, Bricklayer’s Arms, George and York-streets
Robert Brand, Ship Inn, St. John street
William Brean, Cross Keys, York-street
William Brig, Dolphin, Patterson and Wellington streets
James Burns, Steam Packet and Family Hotel, Wharf
Edward Butler, Young Queen, George Town
Wm Jones, East Tamar Inn, George Town Road
W. Mariner, Marrow-bone & Cleaver
Matthew Mason, Opossum, Patterson’s Plains
William Mason, Elephant & Castle, Wellington street
Patrick Monaghan, Britannia, Wellington street
Joseph Moore, junior, Rose & Crown Franklin Village
Thomas Neville, White Hart, Wellington-street
William George Pilbeam, Albion Inn, Springs
Josiah Pitcher, Rising Sun, Westbury road
James Purslowe, Union Inn, George and Brisbane-streets
Robert Radford, Horse & Jockey, York-street
Henry Reading, Edinburgh Castle, Elizabeth-street
Richard Ruffin, Sir William Wallace Inn. Franklin Village
Rd. Scott, Glasgow Wine Vaults, George street
John Selby, Cart & Plough, Wellington street
B. Sweeney, Star Inn, Charles-street
Robert Taylor, Exchange Wine Vaults, Charles street
E. Thomas, George Inn, Wellington and Elizabeth streets
Walter Thompson. Carpenter’s Arms, Charles-street
Joseph Thorn, Coach and Horses, Charles and Patterson streets
Thomas Turner, Jolly Butcher, Charles and York streets
John Whitbread, Traveller’s Rest, Circular Head
J. Whitehead, Cornwall Hotel, Cameron street
R. Scott, Scottish Chief, Wellington-street
Nicholas Clark, Wilmot Arms, Sand Hill Road
J. H. Cordell, Ferry House, Bridge
Charles Coward, Tamar Inn, George Town Road
Thomas Fall, Patriot King, Evandale
James Ferguson, Circular Head
Samuel Feutrill, Wheelwrights’ Arms, Brisbane and George-streets
MI. O’Halloran, Crown Inn, Elizabeth and Bathurst-streets
John Hinshaw, Prince of Wales, Wellington street
Benjamin Hyrons, Angel Inn, Charles street
James Johnston, Freemason’s Tavern, Charles and Elizabeth-streets
Thomas Jones, British Hotel, George Town
John Morrison, Royal Oak, Evandale.

Edward Broderick, Freemasons’ Tavern, Bathurst-street
William Bull, Tam O’Shanter, Windmill Hill
William Kelham, Albion, George and York-streets
John King, York Wine Vaults, York-street
Ml. Monaghan, Caledonian Wine Vaults, Charles and York streets
William Morriss, Anchor and Hope, Wellington-street
William Pearson, Wool Pack, Wellington-street
Joshua Peck, Australian and Tasmanian Hotel, Wellington-street
Charles Ratcliffe, Mermaid Inn, Tamar, (withdrawn by applicant:)
Samuel Story, London Inn, St John and Cameron Streets
?, Brisbane-street
William Clarke, Sawyers’ Arms, Brisbane and Tamar-streets
Wm. Duncan, Bull’s Head, Charles and Brisbane streets
S. Jones, Mason’s Arms, Hadspen.

OLD TRANSFERS CONFIRMED.-Thomas Beck, Duke of York, Wellington-street
Thos. Burnett, Traveller’s Rest, Muddy Plains
P. Cunningham, Bird-in-hand, George-street
Ed. Greenbanks, Enfield Hotel, Brisbane-street
M. A. Johnson, White Horse, Patterson-street
J. M’Kenzie, Hadspen Inn, Hadspen
William Kitson, Launceston Hotel, Brisbane-street
M. O’Meara, Hibernia Hotel, Bathurst-street
John Mills, Plough Inn, Charles street
William Peck, Prince of Wales, Evandale
George Radford, Golden Lion, William-street
Robert Sutherland, Tasmanian Inn, Patterson-street
S. Warnes, Commercial Hotel, George-street
R. Waycott, Sir George Arthur, Sand Hill.

Moses Josephs, Sportsman’s Hall, Charles-street
A. Mathieson, Wharf House, Wharf
S. Murphy, Plough Inn, Evandale
Richard Wicks, Young Queen, Elizabeth-street

It. R. McLachlan, Waterloo Hotel, George Town.

Wm. Bryant, Market House, St. John-street
Edgar Carlton, Irish Harp, East Tamar
William Forbes, Rain bow Inn, Brisbane-street
George Goldstraw, Wheat Sheaf, York and Wellington-streets
James Hann, Wheat Sheaf, Wellington-street
John Hills, Australian Wine Vaults, George street
Joseph Law, Burnie Tavern, Emu Bay
Edward Laurence, Patriotic Six, Launceston
Jns. Madden, Irish Harp, Elizabeth street
Joseph Monks, Painters’ Arms, York-street
Rosetta Sutherland, Robin Hood and Little John, Patterson’s Plains
Wm . Titmus, Bee Hive, Brisbane street
Adam Yates, Royal Oak, Sand-hill.

The meeting was adjourned until to-day for taking the recognizances, and for a fortnight, according to the Act, for re-hearing the rejected applications.

Launceston Examiner, 2 September 1846

More detailed report.

1832 Launceston & Country

Broad, William, Fox Hunter’s Return, Campbell Town
Brumby, Wm., Crown Inn, Norfolk Plains
Carolan, Patrick, Tasmanian Inn, Cocked Hat Hill
Christie, John, St Andrews Inn, Perth
Clayton, Henry, Norfolk Arms, Norfolk Plains
Daly, Timothy, Harp, High Mount
Gibson, Thomas, Eagle, near Epping Forest
Headlam, John, Macquarie Inn, Macquarie River
Heaney, Richard, Pert Inn, Perth.
Hogg, Gavin, Campbell Town Inn, Campbell Town
MacDonald, Roderick, Rob Roy, Springs
Rosevear, William, Half Way House, Cimitiere Point
Smith, William, Rose Inn, Tamar
Thomas, John G., George Inn, George Town
Trenery, Matthew, Cornish Arms, Campbell Town
White, John, Green Man, Epping Forest
Whitehead, James, Westbury Inn, Westbury

Bonney, Henry, Hope Inn, Westbury
Connel, John, Woolpack, Jacob’s Sugar Loaf
Devlin, John, St Patrick’s Head, Deloraine
Dibble, William Avoca, Gray’s Arms, Avoca
Dickenson, John, Angel Inn, Ross
Dudley, Thomas, Ship Inn, George Town
Fenner, James, Traveller’s Rest, Norfolk Plains
Haines, Richard, Waterloo Hotel, George Town
James, Joseph, George Town
Lawson, Richard, Jew’s Harp, Fenton’s Ford
Lucas, Charles, Punch Bowl, Magpie Hill
Russell, William, Opossum, White Hills
Sadler, William, Ross Hotel, Ross
Waddingham, Robert, Traveller’s Rest, Big Muddy Plains
Willatt, John, William IV, New River

Adams, John, Barley Sheaf, George-street
Aylwin, George, Ship Inn, Charles-street
Bailey, Edward, Horse & Jockey, Sand Hills
Brand, Robert, Edinburgh Castle, Charles-street
Brodie, George S., London Tavern, Cameron-street
Campbell, Neil, Black Swan, Brisbane-street
Connolly, John, Elephant & Castle, Wellington-street
Daniels, John, Ferry House, Bridge-street
Fawkner, John, Cornwall Hotel, Cameron-street
Feutrill, Theophilus, Bricklayers’ Arms, George and York-street
Hardman, Ann, Manchester Arms, Brisbane and John-streets
Hyrons, Benjamin, Spread Eagle, Brisbane-street
Inall, Thomas, Hope & Anchor, George and Cameron-streets
Lenoy, Mary, Cross Keys, George and Cimitiere-streets
Marriott, Thomas, Plough Inn, Charles-street
McClure, James, Royal Oak, Wellington and Elizabeth-street.
Milne, William, Union, George-street
Radford, George, Lame Dog, William-street
Rose, Alexander, British Hotel, Wellington-street
Sevior, John, Falcon, Charles-street
Sommerville, Mungo, Caledonia, Charles-street
Stewart, Alexander, Rose & Thistle, Charles-street
White, Richard, Launceston, Brisbane-street

Dodery, George, Commercial Tavern, John Street
Dunn, John, Sailor’s Return, St John-Street
Hill, John, Sydney Arms, York Street
Howell, Joseph, White Conduit House, Charles-street
Hubbard, George, Deal Cutter, Wharf
Kent, Christian S., Star and Garter, Elizabeth-Street
Ralston, Gavin, Tamar Wine & Spirit Vaults, Charles-street
Solomon, David, Black Lion, Paterson-street
Williams, David, Joiner’s Arms, George and Brisbane-streets

1894 Selby

Anderson, James, Traveller’s rest Inn, Muddy Plains
Barker, Robert, Woolpack Hotel, Breadalbane
Clear, John Henry, The Newstead Inn, Newstead
Faulkner, Thomas, Post Office Hotel, Lisle
Green Matthew, Swan Inn, King’s Meadows
George, Elijah, Hadspen Hotel, Hadspen
Holloway, John W., Racecourse Hotel, Mowbray
Manser, Charles, St. Leonards Hotel, St. Leonards
Powell, David, Rising Sun Hotel, Prospect
Smillie, Robert, Junction Hotel, Piper River-road
Titmus, William, Golconda Hotel, Golconda

Branley, Patrick, Picnic Hotel, Dilston
Kirkwood, Thomas, Retreat Hotel, Invermay
Rosevear, Thomas, Rose Hotel, Rosevears, West Tamar

(Daily Telegraph, 7 November 1894)

1833 Launceston & Country

PUBLICAN’S LICENSES. The following persons have obtained Licenses to retail Wine, Beer, and Spirituous Liquors in -the County of Cornwall for the present year:–

Mungo Somerville, Caledonian, Launceston
Niel Campbell, Black Swan, Launceston
Colin Mc’Kinnon, Arglye Inn, Launceston
James Whitehead, Waggon and Horses, ditto.
Alexander Stuart, Rose and Thistle, Launceston
Thomas Butcher, Lamb and Flag, ditto
William Milne, Union, ditto
George Hamilton, Tamar Wine and Spirit Vaults, ditto
Edmund Bartlett, London Tavern, ditto
George Lucas, Plough Inn, ditto
Mary Lenoy, Cross Keys, ditto
Robert Brand, Edinburgh Castle, Launceston
Joseph Barrett, Mermaid Cottage, ditto
David Williams, Joiners Arms, ditto
Ann Hardman, Manchester Arms, ditto
Thomas Dudley, Rising Sun, ditto
Thomas Cummings, Black Lion, Launceston
George Radford, Golden Lion, ditto
James Yates, Bricklayers’ Arms, ditto
Thomas Kelly, Elephant and Castle, ditto
James M’Clure, Royal Oak, ditto
John Fawkner, Cornwall, ditto
George Aylwin, Ship Inn, ditto
Samuel Hutchinson, Globe Tavern, Launceston
Henry Davis, British, Launceston
John Daniels, Ferry House, ditto
Christian S. Kent, Star and Garter, ditto
Richard White, Launceston Hotel, ditto
Thomas Inall, Hope and Anchor, ditto
Benjamin Walford, King’s Arms, Launceston
John Griffith, Whale Fishery, ditto


Richard Heaney, Perth Inn, Perth
Thomas Marriott, King’s Arms, Longford
George Sinclair Brodie, St. Andrew’s Inn, Perth
Richard Lawson, Jew’s Harp, Fenton’s Ford
John G. Thomas, George Inn, George Town
George Coulson, Friend’s Arms, River Tamar
James Gurney, Rob Roy, Springs
John Scott, Horse and Jockey, Sand Hill
Breton Jones, Sir William Wallace, Magpie Hill
William Russell, Opossum, White Hills
Robert H. Marr, [H]Arrow, King’s Meadows
John Christie, Carrick Inn, Carrick
Robert Waddingham, Travellers Rest, Muddy Plains
Patrick Carolan, Tasmanian Inn, Cocked Hat Hill
William Rosevear, Half-Way House, River Tamar
James Earles, Westbury Inn, Westbury
Margaret Haimes, Waterloo Tavern, George Town
William Dibble, Gray’s Arms, Avoca
John Williatt, Patriot King William IV, South Esk
William Saddler, Ross Hotel, Ross
Gavin Hogg, Campbell Town Inn, Campbell Town
John Dickenson, Sherwood Castle, Ross
William Broad. Fox Hunters’ Retreat, Campbell Town
John Connell, Woolpack Inn, Jacob’s Sugar Loaf
Thomas Gibson, Eagle, Epping Forest.

The Independent, 21 December 1833

1850 Launceston & some country

Monday last being the annual licensing day, the following justices assemble:.–
Major Welman, Captain Neilley, F. Evans, Esq., W. H. King, Esq., J. Atkinson, Esq,, J. Cameron, Esq., Captain Stewart, R. Wales, Esq., J.A. Wheeler, Esq., J. Sinclair,. Esq., J. Robertson, Esq., W. G. Sams, Esq., J. B. Thomas, Esq., J. R. Bateman, Esq., Captain Friend, Wm. Gunn, Esq., (chairman), A. Thomson, Esq.

The police magistrate remarked that during the past year the licensed houses had all been conducted remarkably well.

J. Barrett, Black Horse, corner of Wellington and Elizabeth-streets.–Granted.
Robert Brand, Ship Inn, St. John-street.–Granted
W. Brigg, Dolphin Inn, corner of Wellington and Patterson streets.–Granted,
Wm. Bryant, Market House Tavern, St. John-street.–Granted.
Wm. Bull, Tam O’ Shanter, Canning-street.–Granted.
George Burgess, Tasmanian Inn, Patterson-street.–Granted.
William Carpenter, Elephant and Castle, corner of Frederick and Wellington streets.–Granted.
R. Chugg, Sir William Wallace, Franklin Village.–Granted.
P. Clyne, Cornwall Hotel, Cameron street.–Granted,
William Cook, Bricklayer’s Arms, corner of York and George streets.–refused, on the ground of being badly conducted.
William Dent, Carpenter’s Arms, Charles-street.–Granted.
John Dowling, Jolly Butchers, corner of Charles and York streets.–Granted.
William Duncan, sen., Bull’s Head, Charles street.–Granted.
William Duncan, jun., Jolly Anglers, Bathurst street.–Granted.
John Dyer, Traveller’s Rest, Muddy Plains.–Granted.
James East, Scottish Chiefs, Wellington-street.–Granted.
Thomas Fall, Clarendon Hotel, Evandale.–Granted.
S. Feutrill, Wheelwright’s Arms, Brisbane-street.–Granted.
Thomas Fuller, George Inn, Wellington and Elizabeth streets.–Granted.
H. Godfrey, Horse and Jockey, York-street.–Granted.
J. Green, Hibernia, corner of Brisbane and Bathurst streets.–Granted.
W. Guest, East Bank Inn, George Town road.–Granted.
W. Hedger, White Horse, Patterson-street.–Granted.
Thomas Hill, Enfield Hotel, Brisbane-street.–Granted.
Ellen Hinshaw, Prince of Wales, corner of Wellington and York streets.–Granted.
James Johnson, St. John’s Tavern, Elizabeth-street.–Granted.
John King, Prince of Wales, Evandale.–Granted.
Elizabeth Kitson, Launceston Hotel, Brisbane-street.–Granted.
Stephen Knapper, Steam Packet Tavern, Wharf.–Granted.
Thomas Lawson, Plough Inn, Charles-street.–Granted.
James M’Kensie, Mason’s Arms, Wellington-street.–Granted.
M. Monaghan, Caledonian Wine Vaults, corner of York and Charles-streets.–Granted.
P. Monaghan, Britannia Wine Vaults, Wellington-street.–Granted.
J. Moore, Rose and Crown, Franklin Village.–Granted.
John Morrison, Royal Oak, Evandale.–Granted.
Thomas Neville, White Hart Inn, Wellington-street.–Granted.
Ann O’Halloran, Crown Inn, corner of Bathurst and Elizabeth-streets.–Granted.
W., G. Pilbeam, Albion Inn, Cocked Hat.–Granted.
J. Pischer, Rising Sun, Muddy Plains.–Granted.
N. Poole, Hadspen Inn, Hadspen.–Granted.
Mary Radford, Golden Lion, William-street, Granted.
W. H. Rosevear, West Tamar.–Granted.
R. Scott, Glasgow Wine Vaults, George-street.–Granted.
John Selby, Cart and Plough Inn, Wellington.–. street.–Granted.
W. Smart, Lamb and Flag, York and Bathurst-streets.–Granted.
William Spearman, Union Inn, George-street.–Granted.
Henry Sullivan, Robert Burns, Charles-street.–Granted.
John Sullivan, Wilmot Arms, Wellington and Brisbane-streets.–Granted.
M. Sweeney, Star Inn, Charles-street.–Granted.
Robert Taylor, Gravelly Beach.–Granted.
J. Waldron, Albion Hotel, George and York streets.–Granted.
B. Walford, London Tavern, John and Cameron, streets.–Granted.
Ann Walsh, Prince Albert Inn, Charles and Elizabeth streets.–Granted.
S. Warnes, Commercial Hotel, George and Cimitiere streets.–Granted.
R. Waycott, Sir George Arthur Inn, Sandhill, granted.
Donald Westcombe, Ferry Houses, Tamar-street, granted.
John Williams, Sailor’s Return, River Forth, granted.
John Williatt, Patriot King, Evandale, granted.
Augustus Wood, George Town, granted.

Transfers. CONFIRMED.
E. Bartlett, Port Sorell Inn, Port Sorell, granted.
R. Blake, York Hotel, York-street, granted.
Thomas Brookery, Coach and Horses, Charles and Paterson-streets, granted.
W. Clarke, Exchange Wine Vaults, corner of Charles and Patterson-streets, granted.
Isaac Coote, Angel Inn, Charles-street, granted.
Louisa Gee, Australian and Tasmanian Hotel, Wellington-street, granted.
E. Humphreys, Wharf House, Wharf, granted.
James M. Martin, Edinburgh Castle, corner of Frederick and Bathurst-streets, granted.
Henry Mills, Cross Keys, York-street, granted.
George Summers, Bird-in-hand, Elizabeth-street, granted.
John Williams, Duke of York, Wellington-street, granted.
James Wilson, British Hotel, George Town, granted.

Thomas Jones, Port Sorell Inn, George Town, granted.
Robert Edwards, Tamar Hotel, East Tamar, granted.

There were four applications for new licenses: Charles Coward, for a house at Mount Direction, H. B. Little, for one at Hadspen, and Joseph Thorn and James Lilly, for houses in Launceston; but as, in consequence, of the lieutenant-governor having limited the number to be issued in this district to sixty-one, there was only one vacancy–caused by the refusal of Cook’s license, the meeting was adjourned until the 17th instant, for the further hearing of the applications.

A great want of order was manifested at the meeting on Monday: on some occasions the confusion and uproar was so great as to prevent the possibility of hearing the names called over by the clerk of the peace.
Launceston Examiner, 4 September 1850

1829 Launceston

Hobart Town Courier, 3 October 1829

A List of persons to whom certificates for Public House Licenses for Cornwall, have been granted by the bench of Magistrates :-
A. Stewart, Rose & Thistle, Charles st. Launceston
A. Drummond, White horse, do.
W. Patten, Hope & anchor, Cameron st.
R. White, Launceston hotel, Brisbane st.
W. Field, Plough, do.
G. Somerville, Caledonian, Charles st.
J. Anderson, Cross keys, George st.
J. Knight, Rising sun do.
R. Henney, Waterloo tavern, Charles st.
P. Carlin, Ship, St. John st.
J. Houghton, Globe, Brisbane st.
J. Hill, St. Andrew, Charles st.
G.Hogg, White Conduit house, do.
J. Daniels, Ferry house, Bridge st.
J. Barratt. Mermaid, Brisbane st.
J. James; George town hotel, George town.
J. Collins, Jolly farmer, South Esk river.
H. Clayton, Norfolk arms, Norfolk plains.
W. Brumby, Crown do.
R. Mold, Spread eagle, do.
W. E. Leith, Rose, Westbury.
A. M’Kennon, Perth inn, Perth.
A. Waddle, Horse & jockey, Sand hill.
W. Hill, Campbell town inn, Campbell town.
W. Broad, Fox hunter’s return, do;

Hobart Town Courier, 3 October 1829

In addition, from the Colonial Times, 20 November 1829
Colonial Times, 20 November 1829

Persons deprived of their license:
William Lear, Albion, Hobart Town
John Fawkner, jun. Cornwall Hotel, Launceston
George Burgess and J. H. Jackson, ditto

1827 Launceston

Hobart Town Courier, 27 October 1827

for the YEAR 1827-8
Robert White, Launceston Hotel, Brisbane-st
James Houghton, Globe, ditto
Henry Boyle, Red Lion, ditto
Thomas Manning, Jolly Sailor, ditto
William Field, Plough Inn, ditto
George Burgess, Black Swan, ditto
Alexander Stewart, Rose & Thistle, Charles-St
Alex. Drummond, White Horse, ditto
Robert Hay Marr, Black Bull, ditto
Robert Towers, Caledonia Hotel, ditto
Robert Heany, Waterloo Tavern, ditto
John Fawkner, Cornwall-Hotel, Cameron-st
William Fulton, Hope & Anchor, ditto
William Hill, Campbell-town Inn, Campbell-town
Alex. McLennon, Plough Inn, Perth
William Brumbey, Crown Inn, Norfolk Plains

CHAS. BETHEL LYONS. Clerk of the Peace

Hobart Town Courier, 27 October 1827

1830 Launceston

Launceston Advertiser, 27 September 1830


Alexander Stewart, Rose & Thistle, Charles St
Richard White, Launceston Hotel, Brisbane-st
Joseph Barrett, Mermaid, Brisbane-street
Henry Davis, White Conduit House, do
Jesse Drummond, White Horse, Charles-st
Patrick Carolan, Ship, do
Richard Heaney, Waterloo Tavern, do
Mungo Sommerville, Caledonian, do
John Knight, Rising Sun, George-street
Thomas Inall, Hope & Anchor, Cameron-st
William Mackie, Cornwall Hotel – do
John Daniels, Ferry House, Bridge-street

Alexander Wales, Commercial Tavern, Saint John’s-street
John Sinclair Brodie — Cameron-street
Thomas Caryl, College Arms, do
Richard Lawson, Five Alls, Charles-street
Henry Hinksman, King’s Arms, do
William Milne, Union, George-street
John Conolly, Elephant & Castle, Brisbane-st
James Mc Cluer, Royal Oak, Wellington-st

Launceston Advertiser, 27 September 1830 a

Edward Bailey, Horse & Jockey, Sand Hills
William Smith, Rose, Landfall, R. Tamar.
Joseph James, George-town Inn, George-town.
Thomas W. Massey, —— , Benlomond.

Launceston Advertiser, 27 September 1830

1860 Launceston & some country

The annual meeting of Justices for the purpose of hearing applications for public house and packet licenses for the Launceston district was held in the Court House on Saturday, the following Magistrates being present—J. Whitefoord, Esq. (Chairman), His Worship the Mayor, the Police Magistrate, Major Welman, Captain Reid, Lieut. Westenhall, James Robertson, James Aikenhead, Archibald Thomson, William Barnes, E. Whiting, John Fawns, J. G. Jennings, W. G. Sams, and John Thompson, Esquires.
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