Edinburgh Castle (1)

Elizabeth & Charles Streets
Elizabeth Street

The notices below include an advertisement for a property on the corner of Elizabeth & Charles Street next door to the Edinburgh Castle, whereas earlier locations are given as “Charles Street” or “Elizabeth and Charles”. Now, it’s possible for a building one form the corner to described as being on the corner of Charles & Elizabeth, people aren’t always precise, but a Elizabeth St frontage away from the corner wouldn’t given as Charles St. So the premises have moved (from a corner site to the Elizabeth site, or from Charles Street to Elizabeth St, or both. The former seems most likely, c.1839).  According to George Fuller, the Edinburgh Castle was located just along from the SW corner of Charles and Elizabeth Street, approximately here.

1831-36 Robert Brand, Edinburgh Castle, Charles Street
1836-39 Henry Reading, Edinburgh Castle, cnr Charles & Elizabeth Streets
1839-40 Richard Chugg, Edinburgh Castle, Elizabeth Street
1840-47 Henry Reading, Elizabeth Street
Moved to corner of Bathurst & Frederick Streets
Building became Good Woman Inn.

Launceston Advertiser, 28 September 1831

Cornwall Chronicle, 15 October 1836
Cornwall Chronicle, 15 October 1836

Cornwall Chronicle, 11 May 1839

Cornwall Chronicle, 28 September 1839

Mr. Chugg, Edinburgh Castle; objected to by Mr. Hartley, on the ground of character— refused
Launceston Advertiser, 3 September 1840

From “Annual Licensing Meeting”:
Henry Reading, Edinburgh Castle.-No conviction-neat, clean, well-conducted. Granted unanimously. Mr. Bartley requested that the applicant might he cautioned against too free an indulgence in spirituous liquors.
Launceston Examiner, 5 September 1846

Cornwall Chronicle, 3 March 1847

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