Tynan’s Hotel — Bridge Hotel

SE corner of Tamar Street and Boland St (previously the Esplanade). Google Maps.

October 2008

1888-91 Patrick Tynan, Tynan’s Hotel, Tamar Street bridge/Tamar Street & Esplanade
1892-93 Sarah Davies, Tynan’s Hotel, Tamar Street (advertised as Davies’ Hotel)
1894 Elizabeth Mary Davies, Tynan’s Hotel, Tamar Street
1895 Sarah Davies, Tynan’s Hotel, Tamar Street
1896 Robert Earl, snr, Tynan’s Bridge Hotel, Tamar Street
1897-99 Patrick Murphy, Tynan’s Hotel, Tamar Street and Esplanade

Known as Tynan’s Bridge Hotel during the 1890s, Bridge Hotel (officially from 1903), Victoria Bridge Hotel (from 1908) and later Backwater Creek Hotel.

Photo of Invermay Rd & bridge, hotel on left at back
1940s as Victoria Bridge Hotel
Photo, 1995, as Backwater Creek

October 2008

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Whale Fishery

cnr of Tamar and Cimitiere Street

1833 John Griffith
1834-35 William Griffiths
1836-40 John Jacob Driver

This seems to have been in at least two locations. The first one, which seems to have been short lived, was no longer a licenses premises by March 1834 (see advertisment below).  The second location wsa in Tamar (Bridge) Street. In the later advertisments the references to Tamar, Cimitiere & William St might all referring to property marked with an X on the Smythe’s map of 1835, or they might be referring to different locations and therefore different buildings. I am looking into it.

Smythe 1835

Also using the map above, there is only one corner of Tamar and Cimitiere that has buildings marked, shown here with a red arrow.

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