1882 Launceston (part)

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On the application of Joseph W. Bossward for a licence for the Royal Oak Hotel, Brisbane and Tamar streets, being read, the Mayor said the arrangement of the rooms of the house was not at all what they should be, and a renewal was granted conditionally on certain improvements being made.

The application of Wm. Bassett for a renewal of the license for the Bath Arms was granted on the condition that three rooms be added to the house as suggested by the Mayor.

On Wm. Doodie’s application being read for a license for the Salmon and Ball Hotel, Charles and William streets, the Mayor said the house was very imperfectly furnished, and the license was granted on the understanding that proper furniture should be procured for the bedrooms.

Wm. Laing applied for a renewal of tile license of the Crown Inn, Bathurst and Elizabeth streets. Mr. Coulter said that no improvement had been made in this house since the last annual meeting, although the license was then granted conditionally on certain improvements being made. He did not see how it was possible to make the house fit for a hotel. Mr. Grubb then moved that the license be not granted, stating that although he was part owner of the house, he would be pleased to see it swept away. Mr. G. T. Collins appeared for the applicant, and addressed the Bench on his behalf. Mr. Hudson said if the wishes of the Bench at the last licensing meeting had not been carried out, and the necessary improvements made, their duty was quite clear. The question was then put to the vote, and the application refused.

The application of James Denton for a license for the All the Year Round Hotel, Wellington street, was granted, Mr. Den tonbeing informed that if the premises were not improved meantime the license would be refused at the next meeting.

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