Bull’s Head

Wellington Street, Sandhill/South Launceston
SW cnr Charles & Brisbane Streets. Google Maps.
Charles Street
NW cnr Charles and York Streets. Google Maps.

1834-36 William Collins, Bull’s Head, Wellington Street/Main Road
1836-43 William Collins, Bull’s Head, Charles & Brisbane Streets
1843-50 William Duncan, Bull’s Head, Charles & Brisbane Streets (burnt down)
1850 William Duncan sen., Bull’s Head, Charles Street
1851-57 William Duncan, Senr., Bull’s Head, Charles and York Streets
1857-58 Alexander Duncan, Bull’s Head, Charles and York Streets
1858-66 John Burns Thompson, Bulls’ Head, Charles & York Streets
1866-71 William Tuner, Bull’s Head, Charles & York Streets
1871 Henry Millbank, Bull’s Head, Charles & York Streets
1871 Elizabeth Woods, Bull’s Head, Charles & York Streets

Cornwall Chronicle, 19 September 1836

Cornwall Chronicle, 3 December 1836

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Cornwall Coffee Rooms

Bathurst & York St
Charles Street?
Paterson St.  Approximate location on Google Maps.

Paterson St, December 2016. The Coffee Rooms adjoined the old Examiner building  (the red, white & yellow building), so on the site of the brick and glass addition.

Paterson St, 1940s (low two-storey building, two doors along from the National. Tall brick building is the Examiner building).
Paterson St, 1970 (on the left).

1843 George Bygrave, York & Bathurst Streets*
1845 George Layton, Paterson St*
1845-51 licensed as the White Horse
1852-54 John Thompson, Paterson St

*I don’t know if these are the same establishment.

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Lamb and Flag — Bird in Hand (3) — Verandah Wine Vaults

SE cnr York and Bathurst Streets. Google maps.

1833 Thomas Butcher, Lamb & Flag, Launceston
1834 Thomas Butcher, Lamb & Flag, York Street
1835 Hector McDonald, Lamb and Flag, Launceston
1836 John Waddle, Lamb and Flag, Bathurst St
1836 John Jordan, Lamb and Flag, Bathurst St
1837 Lamb and Flag, Bathurst & York Streets
1842 Edward Brown, Bird-in-Hand, Bathurst and York Streets
1843 Cornwall Coffee Rooms
1844 Thomas Dudley, Verandah Wine Vaults, Bathurst and York St*
1846 Edward Broderick, Freemason’s Tavern?**
1847-56 William Smart, Lamb and Flag York and Bathurst Streets
1856 Christina Smart/Marsden, Lamb and Flag York and Bathurst Streets
1856 Abel Blades, Lamb and Flag, York and Bathurst Streets
1860 Abel Blades, Lamb and Flag, Wellington and York streets.
1862-63 John Nunn, Lamb and Flag, Wellington and York streets.
1869-72 (at least) lodging house

*In December 1845, Dudley is advertising his Verandah Wine Vaults as being the former Hibernia Hotel, also in Bathurst St. However the annual licensing list for September 1845 has him at “Bathurst and York” so I am going to assume he changed locations in late 1845, until shown otherwise

**Edward Broderick is listed in the annual licensing acts with either Lamb and Flag or Freemason’s Tavern. He was refused a license because he was believed to have left the colony and “there were two applications, one by Broderick and another by a new applicant”, so the licence was refused. Prior to this, the Freemason Tavern is listed as being in Brisbane St, in a building that is vacant and for sale in 1846. At the same licensing meeting, an application by Edward Lawrence was refused for a license for the “Patriotic Six” on the corner of Bathurst and York St, for an old licensed house, formerly known as the “Freemason’s Tavern. Possibly then Broderick briefly transferred to the site of the Lamb and Flag, before skipping the colony.

Launceston Advertiser, 19 May 1836

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Babes in the Wood

(Elizabeth between Bathurst & Wellington?)
York & Wellington Streets

1837-38 George Williams, Babes in the Wood
1838 Thomas Garrard, Babes in the Wood, York & Wellington Streets

George Williams, of the Babes in the Wood, appeared to answer the complaint of District Constable Peel, for harbouring Christiana Johnson, a prisoner in the service of Mr. Lang. Constable Allsworth deposed, that on Sunday the 18th inst., about halfpast 11 at night, he was on duly with constable Warby, in Elizabeth-street, and hearing a noise in Mr. William’s house, they demanded and obtained admittance; they found the woman Johnson in a back room, where there were two or three men ; on asking her who she was, she at once admitted she was a prisoner, when they took her into custody ; did not hear Mr. Williams accuse her of having represented herself to him as a free woman ; Johnson did not say to deponent, “you know me Johnny. — I have done it.— You have no business with me.”

Constable Warby sworn— accompanied the last Witness on the occasion referred to ; remembers the woman said, addressing herself to him, — “You have no business with me, Johnny, you know I have done it.” The woman was now called in and examined, she corroborated the evidence of Allsworth, and denied using the words imputed to her by Warby, but, two free men named Jones and Welsh contradicted her statement on oath, and maintained that she did ; they represented themselves to be lodgers in the house of Mr. Williams, and recollected their landlady asking the woman when she first came to the house in company with a man, whether she was free, when she replied she was ; they remembered also the words of the woman. Williams offered to call further evidence, but the Bench decided that it was his duty to have insisted on seeing her certificate when the woman said she had done it, and sentenced him to pay a fine of £2 and costs.

It is perfectly clear that constable Allsworth perjured himself in this case, and the Magistrates will do well to be careful how they receive his evidence in future.— ED.
Cornwall Chronicle, 31 March 1838

Hobart Town Courier, 24 May 1839

This might be relevant:

An information against Thomas Garrard, publican, was withdrawn, being informal
Cornwall Chronicle, 25 May 1839

Cross Keys Inn – Railway Tavern

Cnr of George and Cimitiere Streets, possibly north-east corner. Google Maps.
Southern side of York St, between Bathurst & Wellington Streets. Google Maps, approximate location

182930 James Anderson, Cross Keys, George Street
1831- Abraham Lenoy, Cross Keys, George Street
1832-36 Mary Lenoy, Cross Keys, George Street
1837-48 William Brean, Cross Keys, York St
1849 Robert Blake, Cross Keys, York Street
1850-51 Henry Mills, Cross Keys, York Street
1852 Abel Blades, Cross Keys, York Street
1853 James Lewis, Cross Keys, York Street
1856 John West, Cross Keys, York Street
1858 John Partridge, Cross Keys, York Street
1859-62 William Jones, Cross Keys, York Street
1862 Job Haycock, Cross Keys, York Street
1863-67 Edward Spencer, Railway Tavern, York Street
1868-70 William Darcy, Railway Tavern , York Street
1870 George Butterworth, Railway Tavern, York Street
1871 Licence Refused

Intersection of Cimitiere and George Sts. (Left side is the north-east corner.)

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Caledonia Hotel/Caledonian Inn/Caledonian Wine Vaults (1)

cnr Charles and York Streets

182627 Robert Towers, Caledonia Hotel, Charles Street
1828-35 Mungo Sommerville, Caledonian, Charles Street
1836-37 George Sinclair Brodie, Caledonia Wine Vaults
1838 George Milne, Caledonian Tavern
1840 James McLeish, Caledonian Wine Vaults, Charles Street

Colonial Times, 1 September 1826
Colonial Times, 1 September 1826

Hobart Town Courier, 19 April 1828
Hobart Town Courier, 19 April 1828

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Three Grand Masters–Shakespeare Hotel

1860-1879: southern corner St John St & the Quadrant Google Maps
1880+: SE corner St John & York Streets. Google Maps.
Later Metropolitan Hotel.

Location, cnr Quadrant and St John Street.

Cnr St John and York Streets.

Cnr St John and York Streets.

Photo, 1940s, as the Metropolitan.

1860-1862 Benjamin Hyrons, Three Grand Masters, Quadrant. G
1863 Thomas Bruff, Shakespeare Hotel, Quadrant name changed
1864-55 Benjamin Hyrons, Shakespeare Hotel, Quadrant
1866 Matthew Wilkes, Shakespeare
1866-67 Mr J. Solomon, Shakespeare Hotel, St John-street
1868-73 Joseph Dyson, sen Shakespeare Hotel, Quadrant
1874-78 Joseph Dyson, Shakespeare Hotel, St. John street and Quadrant
1880-88 Joseph Dyson, sen., Shakespeare Hotel, St. John and York streets location changed
1889-92 William Job Spearman, , York and St. John streets, Shakespeare Hotel
1893-1902 Hugh George Webb, Shakespeare Hotel, York and St John street
1903 Hugh Huston, Shakespeare Hotel, St John-street
1904 Edwin Waller, Metropolitan Hotel name changed

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Caledonian Inn/Wine Vaults (2)

Corner of Charles and York Street

1841 James Ferguson, newly constructed building
1842-43 James Ferguson, Caledonian Wine Vaults, Charles & York Sts
1843-45 James Johnstone, Caledonian Wine Vaults Charles and York Sts
1845-50 Matthew Monaghan, Caledonian Wine Vaults Charles and York Sts
1851 transferred license to George Smith, corner of George & York Sts

Prior to 1841, there was an existing establishment known as the Caledonian Wine Vaults on the corner of Charles and York Streets. There’s not information to indicate if Ferguson constructed a new building that replaced the older one, or having obtained a licence for a new building, transferred to the existing premises.

The corner of Charles & York Streets adjoining the Plough Inn would be this corner.

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