Black Lion

1832 David Solomon, Black Lion, Paterson St
1833-35 Thomas Cummings, Black Lion, Launceston
1835 John Brown, Black Lion, Launceston
1836 John Mills, Black Lion, Launceston

Hobart Town Courier, 28 September 1832
Hobart Town Courier, 28 September 1832

LA 3 October 1833
Launceston Advertiser, 3 October 1833

Cornwall Chronicle, 18 April 1835
Cornwall Chronicle, 18 April 1835

THE LEASE of the unexpired term of 18 months of one of the most lucrative Establishments in the public line, in the town of Launceston. The present tenant is about retiring from business and offers the premises known as the Black Lion public house, to be let. The Rent is very low, and the lease will not expire for 18 months. The excellent trade to the house, will ensure to a tenant taking it, a very good return. For particulars, apply to Mr. Thomas Cummings, on the premises in Paterson Street. April 4, 1835

Cornwall Chronicle, 6 June 1835
Cornwall Chronicle, 6 June 1835

John Freak was charged by his master (Mr. Deane) with being drunk and neglecting his business. It appeared that the prisoner was sent out on Saturday to deliver some meat to his master’s customers, and after leaving it at places where he was not sent, and neglecting to leave it where he was sent, and afterwards found taking a nap in the Black Lion public-house, [?] day. Ten days solitary confinement—to be fed on bread and water, and returned to his master’s service.
Cornwall Chronicle, 16 January 1836

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