White Horse Inn

Charles Street.

182629 Alexander Drummond
1830 Jesse Drummond
1834 John Davis, Charles Street

Mr. Alexander Drummond, a respectable innkeeper and butcher of this town, exhibited symptoms of insanity at the farm of Mr. Bostock, on Friday last, where he had been to purchase some sheep. Mr. Bostock sent a man with him and the sheep to Perth, with a letter to Mr. Hill, the publican, requesting him to watt h Mr. Drummond and see him safe to Launceston, the man however omitted to deliver the letter, or report Mr. Drummond’s behaviour, and continued his journey to Launceston. On the arrival of Mr. Drummond at Perth he met Mr M’Donald, and told him he had just seen two gentlemen fighting a duel, and requested him to go to the spot. M’Donald went with him into the bush about two miles, when poor Drummond roared out, “there they are, don’t you see them,” and commenced beating M’Donald, who held him as well as he could, and after he had thrown himself about for near au hour he became exhausted and fell down. M’Donald watched him until he thought he was asleep, and then went to the nearest hut for assistance, but on his return Mr. Drummond was not to be found, and I sincerely regret that no account has yet been heard of him. Several horsemen were employed all Saturday and Sunday in every direction, and both sides of the river have been searched without effect ; the place where Mr. M’Donald left him is called Ritchie’s bend about two miles on the other side Perth, and it is generally supposed that this unfortunate individual has thrown him self info the river.
Hobart Town Courier, 21 August 1830

RGD34-1-1 no 2322
RGD34/1/1 no. 2322 (1830)

He is buried 30th September, having been “found dead”. For the 1830-31 licensing period, the license is granted to the widow, Jesse Drummond.

Launceston Advertiser, 18 July 1833
Launceston Advertiser, 18 July 1833

The Colonist, 20 May 1834
The Colonist, 20 May 1834

The 1826 list has an entry for Alex Drummond, White Horse, St Paul’s Plains. I don’t know if there is a connection.

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