Jolly Sailor

1823 Thomas Manning licensed to sell Beer only
1826 Thomas Manning, Jolly Sailor, Launceston
1827 Thomas Manning, Jolly Sailor, Brisbane-st

On Wednesday last our worthy Magistrates, Messrs. Kenworthy, Gordon, and Simpson, went round to inspect the various public houses, and also those houses for which applications had been made to be allowed to retail spirituous liquors. At Alexander Stewart’s they found only one bed, that in which he and his wife sleep, the house is an old one, with two small front rooms, and one back room, there was not one single chair, and scarcely a table in this house, yet it was relicensed but he bows very obsequiously. They also visited a house formerly kept by Mr. Thomas Manning, which house was refused a license last year, and Mr. T. C. Simpson was on the bench. This house has had no additional accommodation added to it, and yet a license was granted to it, it is an old house, contains three very small front rooms, and a back skilling, and was pronounced by P. A. Mulgrave, Esq. and Mr. Simpson a year back as not possessing sufficient accommodations.
Launceston Advertiser, 28 September 1829

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