1838 Launceston

John Ashton, Queen’s Head, Launceston,
Thomas Archer, Plough Inn, ditto.
William Brown, Mermaid, W. B. River Tamar
William Broad, Cross Keys, Launceston.
Robert Brand, Ship Ian, ditto.
Joseph Barrett, King’s Arms, ditto.
Edward Browne, Gardener’s Lodge, ditto.
John Bonerey, Deloraine Inn, Deloraine.
William Broad, Fox Hunter’s Return, Campbellton
Peter Clyne, Berriedale, Longford.
George Coulton, Friend’s Arms, East Bank, River Tamar.
James Corbett, Green Gate, Launceston.
Mary Ann Cox, Cornwall Hotel, ditto.
William Collins, Hull’s Head, ditto.
John Daniels, Ferry House, ditto.
John Jacob Driver, Whale Fishery, ditto.
Thomas Dudley, Verandah Wine Vaults, do.
William Frost, Launceston Hotel, ditto.
Thomas Faro, Half Moon, ditto.
Thomas Full, Portland Inn, Long Meadows,
William Forbes, Westbury Inn, Westbury.
William Major Grayling, Dover Castle, ditto.
John Hinshaw, Kangaroo, ditto.
James Hope, Victoria Inn, Ross.
Thomas Hughes, Ross Hotel, ditto.
Richard Heancy, Tasmanian Inn, Perth.
James Houghton, Mitre Tavern, Longford.
Daniel Judson, York Wine Vaults, Launceston
Britton Jones, Sir William Wallace, Franklin in Village.
Hugh Kane, Campbelton Inn, Campbelton.
George I.ukin, Wharf House, Launceston.
William Mason, Black Swan, ditto.
Antonio Martini, Sawyer’s Arms, ditto.
William Milne, Union, ditto.
John M’Kenzic, Scottish Chiefs, ditto.
Josias M’Allan, Glasgow Wine Vaults.
Josiah Pitcher, Hibernia, ditto.
Edmund Pearse, Kings’ Arms, Longford.
Charles Robinson, Hope Inn, Westbury.
Robert Richmond, Steam Packet Tavern, do.
George Had ford, Golden Lion, ditto.
Henry Reading, Edinburgh Castle, ditto.
Robert Robson, Crown, ditto.
Henry Stephens, Wattle Tree, ditto.
James Segrave, Halfway House, Cocked Hat Hill.
Samuel Sherlock, White Hart, George Town.
George Scott, Caledonian Inn, Campbell Town.
John Taylor, Carrick Inn, Carrick.
William Thornhill, Bald faced Stag, Epping Forest
Thomas Tucker, Gardiner’s Arms, Avoca.
Thomas Twining, Britannia Wine Vaults, Launceston.
John Gardiner Thomas, George Inn, ditto.
Susan Weavers, Duke of York, ditto.
George Williams, Babes in the Wood, ditto.
James Whitehead, Eagle’s Return, Snake Banks.
George Thomas Wilton, Waterloo Tavern, GcorgcTown.
James Yates, Bricklayers’ Arms, Launceston.
John Barrett, Black Horse, Launceston.
Edmund Bartlett, Victoria Tavern, ditto,
Benjamin Hyrons, London Tavern, ditto.
Jonathan Ives, George and Dragon, ditto.
Richard Pitt, St. Andrew’s Inn, Perth.
John Williat Patriot King, William the Fourth, Evandale.
Cornwall Chronicle, 20 October 1838

1835 Launceston

John Adams, Globe Inn, Patterson’s Plains
George Archer, Black Swan, Launceston
William Broad, Fox Hunters’ Return, Campbell Town
Geo. Sinclair Brodie, St. Andrew’s Inn, Perth
James Brumby, Crown Inn, Longford
Thomas Butcher, Traveller’s Rest, Deloraine
Edmund Bartlett, London Tavern, Launceston
Joseph Barrett, King’s Head, Launceston
John Brown, Black Lion, Launceston
Robert Brand, Edinburgh Castle, Launceston
Andrew Dinell, Rose and Thistle, Launceston
John Connell, Wool-pack, Jacob’s Sugar Loaf
John Christie, Carrick Inn, Carrick
Samuel Cox, Bird-in-Hand, Norfolk Plains
John Connolly, Currency Lass, Launceston
George Coulson, Friend’s Arms, River Tamar
John Edward Cox, Cornwall Hotel, Launceston
Thomas Cowell, Jovial Carpenters, Launceston
Wm. Collins, Bull’s Head, Launceston
Patrick Carolan, Tasmanian Inn, Prospect Hill
William Dibble, Gray’s Arms, Avoca
John Dickenson, Robin Hood, Ross
Charles Dry, Hope Inn, Westbury
Thomas Dudley, Rising Sun, Launceston
John Daniels, Ferry House, Launceston
Henry Davis, Fountain Wine Vaults, Launceston
Jas. Earles, Westbury Inn, Westbury
William Griffiths, Whale Fishery, Launceston
James Griffiths, Globe, Launceston
Gavin Hogg, Campbell Town Inn, Campbell Town
James Hopkins, Plough Inn, Launceston
Stephen Hopwood, Green Gate, Launceston
Henry Harris, Freemasons Arms, Launceston
George Hamilton, Tamar Wine Vaults, Launceston
Jonathan lves, George and Dragon, Launceston
Britton Jones, William Wallace, Magpie Hill
John Hamilton Jacob, British Hotel, Launceston
T. Kelley, Elephant and Castle, Launceston
William Kelson, White Hart, Springs
Mary Lenoy, Cross Keys, Launceston
James Lucas, Robin Hood, Springs
William Milne, Union, Launceston
William Mason, Manchester Arms, Launceston
Robert Hay Marr, Harrow, Long Meadows
Antonio Martin, Sawyers’ Arms, Launceston
Thomas Marriott, King’s Arms, Longford
Hector McDonald, Lamb and Flag, Launceston
Jas. McClure, Royal Oak, Launceston
Josiah McCallan, Glasgow Tavern, Launceston
Thomas Neal, King’s Arms, Launceston
Richard Pitt, Norfolk Arms, Norfolk Plains
Edmund Pearse, Jews’ Harp, Norfolk Plains
Gavin Ralston, Longford
Wine and Spirit Vaults, Longford
Robert Rider, Star and Garter, Launceston
George Radford, Golden Lion, Launceston
William Russell, Opossum, White Hills
Richard Ruffin, Coach and Horses, Launceston (draft)
Hannah Reece, Half Moon Inn, Launceston
William Rosevear, Rose Inn, River Tamar (draft)
William Saddler, Ross Hotel, Ross
Isaac Soloman, Perth Inn, Perth
John Sutherland, Bird-in-Hand, Milwood Plains
Mungo Somerville, Caledonian, Launceston
Samuel Sherlock, White Hart, George Town
William Thornell, Stag Inn, Epping Forest
Thomas Twining, Kangaroo, Launceston
John Tildesley, Sailor’s Return, Launceston
John Gardiner, George Inn, Launceston
Joseph Thorn, Crown, Launceston
Prideaux Watson, Caledonian Inn, Campbell Town
Augustus Walsh, Gardeners’ Lodge, Launceston
Rd. White, Launceston Hotel, Launceston
John Wiggins, Black Boy
James Whitehead, Ship Inn, Launceston
Geo. Thomas Wilson, Waterloo Tavern, George Town
Robert Wadding ham, Traveller’s Rest, Muddy Plains
James Weavers, Duke of York, Launceston
Alex. Wales, Crown, Launceston
John Williatt, William the Fourth, New River
Alex. Waddle, Blue Bell, Sand Hill
James Yates, Bricklayers’ Arms, Launceston

From Launceston Advertiser, 15 October 1835

1832 Launceston & Country

Broad, William, Fox Hunter’s Return, Campbell Town
Brumby, Wm., Crown Inn, Norfolk Plains
Carolan, Patrick, Tasmanian Inn, Cocked Hat Hill
Christie, John, St Andrews Inn, Perth
Clayton, Henry, Norfolk Arms, Norfolk Plains
Daly, Timothy, Harp, High Mount
Gibson, Thomas, Eagle, near Epping Forest
Headlam, John, Macquarie Inn, Macquarie River
Heaney, Richard, Pert Inn, Perth.
Hogg, Gavin, Campbell Town Inn, Campbell Town
MacDonald, Roderick, Rob Roy, Springs
Rosevear, William, Half Way House, Cimitiere Point
Smith, William, Rose Inn, Tamar
Thomas, John G., George Inn, George Town
Trenery, Matthew, Cornish Arms, Campbell Town
White, John, Green Man, Epping Forest
Whitehead, James, Westbury Inn, Westbury

Bonney, Henry, Hope Inn, Westbury
Connel, John, Woolpack, Jacob’s Sugar Loaf
Devlin, John, St Patrick’s Head, Deloraine
Dibble, William Avoca, Gray’s Arms, Avoca
Dickenson, John, Angel Inn, Ross
Dudley, Thomas, Ship Inn, George Town
Fenner, James, Traveller’s Rest, Norfolk Plains
Haines, Richard, Waterloo Hotel, George Town
James, Joseph, George Town
Lawson, Richard, Jew’s Harp, Fenton’s Ford
Lucas, Charles, Punch Bowl, Magpie Hill
Russell, William, Opossum, White Hills
Sadler, William, Ross Hotel, Ross
Waddingham, Robert, Traveller’s Rest, Big Muddy Plains
Willatt, John, William IV, New River

Adams, John, Barley Sheaf, George-street
Aylwin, George, Ship Inn, Charles-street
Bailey, Edward, Horse & Jockey, Sand Hills
Brand, Robert, Edinburgh Castle, Charles-street
Brodie, George S., London Tavern, Cameron-street
Campbell, Neil, Black Swan, Brisbane-street
Connolly, John, Elephant & Castle, Wellington-street
Daniels, John, Ferry House, Bridge-street
Fawkner, John, Cornwall Hotel, Cameron-street
Feutrill, Theophilus, Bricklayers’ Arms, George and York-street
Hardman, Ann, Manchester Arms, Brisbane and John-streets
Hyrons, Benjamin, Spread Eagle, Brisbane-street
Inall, Thomas, Hope & Anchor, George and Cameron-streets
Lenoy, Mary, Cross Keys, George and Cimitiere-streets
Marriott, Thomas, Plough Inn, Charles-street
McClure, James, Royal Oak, Wellington and Elizabeth-street.
Milne, William, Union, George-street
Radford, George, Lame Dog, William-street
Rose, Alexander, British Hotel, Wellington-street
Sevior, John, Falcon, Charles-street
Sommerville, Mungo, Caledonia, Charles-street
Stewart, Alexander, Rose & Thistle, Charles-street
White, Richard, Launceston, Brisbane-street

Dodery, George, Commercial Tavern, John Street
Dunn, John, Sailor’s Return, St John-Street
Hill, John, Sydney Arms, York Street
Howell, Joseph, White Conduit House, Charles-street
Hubbard, George, Deal Cutter, Wharf
Kent, Christian S., Star and Garter, Elizabeth-Street
Ralston, Gavin, Tamar Wine & Spirit Vaults, Charles-street
Solomon, David, Black Lion, Paterson-street
Williams, David, Joiner’s Arms, George and Brisbane-streets

1833 Launceston & Country

PUBLICAN’S LICENSES. The following persons have obtained Licenses to retail Wine, Beer, and Spirituous Liquors in -the County of Cornwall for the present year:–

Mungo Somerville, Caledonian, Launceston
Niel Campbell, Black Swan, Launceston
Colin Mc’Kinnon, Arglye Inn, Launceston
James Whitehead, Waggon and Horses, ditto.
Alexander Stuart, Rose and Thistle, Launceston
Thomas Butcher, Lamb and Flag, ditto
William Milne, Union, ditto
George Hamilton, Tamar Wine and Spirit Vaults, ditto
Edmund Bartlett, London Tavern, ditto
George Lucas, Plough Inn, ditto
Mary Lenoy, Cross Keys, ditto
Robert Brand, Edinburgh Castle, Launceston
Joseph Barrett, Mermaid Cottage, ditto
David Williams, Joiners Arms, ditto
Ann Hardman, Manchester Arms, ditto
Thomas Dudley, Rising Sun, ditto
Thomas Cummings, Black Lion, Launceston
George Radford, Golden Lion, ditto
James Yates, Bricklayers’ Arms, ditto
Thomas Kelly, Elephant and Castle, ditto
James M’Clure, Royal Oak, ditto
John Fawkner, Cornwall, ditto
George Aylwin, Ship Inn, ditto
Samuel Hutchinson, Globe Tavern, Launceston
Henry Davis, British, Launceston
John Daniels, Ferry House, ditto
Christian S. Kent, Star and Garter, ditto
Richard White, Launceston Hotel, ditto
Thomas Inall, Hope and Anchor, ditto
Benjamin Walford, King’s Arms, Launceston
John Griffith, Whale Fishery, ditto


Richard Heaney, Perth Inn, Perth
Thomas Marriott, King’s Arms, Longford
George Sinclair Brodie, St. Andrew’s Inn, Perth
Richard Lawson, Jew’s Harp, Fenton’s Ford
John G. Thomas, George Inn, George Town
George Coulson, Friend’s Arms, River Tamar
James Gurney, Rob Roy, Springs
John Scott, Horse and Jockey, Sand Hill
Breton Jones, Sir William Wallace, Magpie Hill
William Russell, Opossum, White Hills
Robert H. Marr, [H]Arrow, King’s Meadows
John Christie, Carrick Inn, Carrick
Robert Waddingham, Travellers Rest, Muddy Plains
Patrick Carolan, Tasmanian Inn, Cocked Hat Hill
William Rosevear, Half-Way House, River Tamar
James Earles, Westbury Inn, Westbury
Margaret Haimes, Waterloo Tavern, George Town
William Dibble, Gray’s Arms, Avoca
John Williatt, Patriot King William IV, South Esk
William Saddler, Ross Hotel, Ross
Gavin Hogg, Campbell Town Inn, Campbell Town
John Dickenson, Sherwood Castle, Ross
William Broad. Fox Hunters’ Retreat, Campbell Town
John Connell, Woolpack Inn, Jacob’s Sugar Loaf
Thomas Gibson, Eagle, Epping Forest.

The Independent, 21 December 1833

1830 Launceston

Launceston Advertiser, 27 September 1830


Alexander Stewart, Rose & Thistle, Charles St
Richard White, Launceston Hotel, Brisbane-st
Joseph Barrett, Mermaid, Brisbane-street
Henry Davis, White Conduit House, do
Jesse Drummond, White Horse, Charles-st
Patrick Carolan, Ship, do
Richard Heaney, Waterloo Tavern, do
Mungo Sommerville, Caledonian, do
John Knight, Rising Sun, George-street
Thomas Inall, Hope & Anchor, Cameron-st
William Mackie, Cornwall Hotel – do
John Daniels, Ferry House, Bridge-street

Alexander Wales, Commercial Tavern, Saint John’s-street
John Sinclair Brodie — Cameron-street
Thomas Caryl, College Arms, do
Richard Lawson, Five Alls, Charles-street
Henry Hinksman, King’s Arms, do
William Milne, Union, George-street
John Conolly, Elephant & Castle, Brisbane-st
James Mc Cluer, Royal Oak, Wellington-st

Launceston Advertiser, 27 September 1830 a

Edward Bailey, Horse & Jockey, Sand Hills
William Smith, Rose, Landfall, R. Tamar.
Joseph James, George-town Inn, George-town.
Thomas W. Massey, —— , Benlomond.

Launceston Advertiser, 27 September 1830