Royal Oak (1)

Cnr Wellington & Elizabeth Streets

1830-31 James McClure, Royal Oak, Wellington Street
1832-35 James McClure, Royal Oak, Wellington & Elizabeth Streets
1836-37 Goodman Hart, Royal Oak, Wellington & Elizabeth Streets

Launceston Advertiser, 1 December 1834

Cornwall Chronicle, 1 July 1837

Cornwall Chronicle, 2 September 1837

Cornwall Chronicle, 28 April 1838

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  1. The property, the Royal Oak, was purchased from Thomas Williams by John Cameron on 31 July 1838. Between then and February 1853 the name was changed to the Black Horse. At this time John Cameron transferred his interest to his brother-in-law John Swan of Hobart, and Frances Evans of Launceston for 10 shillings with the contract providing for his wife, Eliza Milburn Cameron, to receive the income from the property (historic deeds 03/7536). By October 1866 both John Swan and John Cameron had died and historic deed 05/4411 records new trustees, John Cameron Swan of Dunedin near Launceston, James Fletcher Walker, and James Corbett. I haven’t yet identified any lease documents.

    • Thank you for adding that.
      The 1830s listings were a particular headache. There often wasn’t enough information to work out what they later became, so your work is really useful.


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