Wesleyan Church, Dundas (no photos)

Opened 1891.

Zeehan & Dundas Herald 14 August 1891
Zeehan & Dundas Herald, 14 August 1891

Zeehan & Dundas Herald  21 October 1891
Zeehan & Dundas Herald, 21 October 1891

At the beginning of our church year the trustees of the Zeehan Church built a mission church at Dundas at a total cost of £157. Through depression and decrease of population our people there have had to struggle hard to keep the church in existence at all, and have only paid some £14 of their liabilities, the Zeehan trustees meeting the other £143 by means of the loan.
9 December 1892

Zeehan & Dundas 26 Janaury 1907
Zeehan & Dundas Herald 26 Janaury 1907

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