Wesleyan Chapel, Margaret St, Launceston (2)


Margaret St, Launceston. Google Maps.
Opened 1858 to replace a smaller, wooden chapel.
In 1889, a larger building was constructed for use as a school, fronting Balfour St (left and behind in photo).
In 1918, the new larger building was converted for use as the church building, and  Margaret St chapel became the Sunday School.


Voluntaryism amongst the Wesleyans.— A very commodious, and elegantly fitted up Chapel, situated at the corner of Margaret and Balfour-streets, was formally opened on Sunday last,–the Rev. W. D. Lelean, of Hobart Town, officiating on the occasion. The chapel is another which has been erected for the Launceston Wesleyan Methodist Society, at a cost of about £1000. The work was tendered for by Messrs Lloyd, Belts, and Douslin, for £950 but the cost of fencing and other items added to that amount and when the building was completed, the fund was deficient of up wards of £300 of the fall amount required to defray the expenses. A tea meeting was hold on Monday evening in the Patterson-street, Wesleyan School Room ; as usual, on such occasions, there was a very large attendance, and amongst others present were His Worship the Mayor, Messrs J. W. Gleadow. John Crookes M.H.A., I. Sherwin, W. J. Norwood. The meeting was addressed by those and other gentlemen, and the result of the proceedings, was that Mr Gleadow had the pleasure of announcing that the liberality of the meeting had placed the New Chapel free of debt ; the deficient £300 having been all subscribed in a very brief space of time It is but a short time since 300l was subscribed in the same place, and principally by the same persons, for the purpose of adding a gallery, and otherwise improving the Chapel in Patterson-street/ Such acts as those of prompt practical liberality, re quire no comment They are sufficiently striking and pleasing in themselves as simple sterling facts.
Cornwall Chronicle, 3 November 1858






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    John Arnold

    July 9, 2020 at 6:32am

    I have a book titled Old Humphrey’s Walks in London with a label on the inside front cover printed and handwritten as follows –
    Presented to
    William Arnold (my great grandfather who was 9 at the time)
    for attendance and good behaviour
    and it is dated November 1862

    Launceston Wesleyan Sunday Schools
    2Y Anniversary

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