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On Sunday last we had a visit from the Rev Mr Copeland, Church of England minister, who held service in the store of the Mount Lyell Company. After service he gave an account of how matters stood with regard to his district, and said his idea was to build a small place at Queenstown to serve as a Sun day school, and to hold service in, and asked the assistance of the people towards that end. A. strong committee was formed, and ere long I hope to see the building erected.
Zeehan & Dundas Herald, 8 April 1896

The building in course of erection for the Church of England, which will be known as St. Martin’s, is advancing by slow degrees, some difficulty being experienced in securing suitable timber. Bishop Montgomery will probably perform the opening ceremony and consecration on Sunday, the 6th prox. Much satisfaction is expressed here regarding the appointment to this district of Rev. Harry Edwards, from Launceston, and parishioners are looking forward to his arrival with pleasurable anticipations. The lady members of the church are making preparations for a social reunion to celebrate the opening of the church.
The Mercury, 18 October 1898

The Rev. H. Edwardes, late of Launceston, arrived here to day. He takes up work at the Anglican Church, Queenstown.
The Mercury, 1 November 1898

Mr. W. J. Andrews, contractor for the building of St. Martin’s Church of England in Driffield-street in this town, has just completed his contract by which a good portion of the place of worship for Anglicans has been finished to such a point as to admit of ministrations being performed for some 150 to 200 worshippers. Owing to want of sufficient funds, only this small portion of the work could at present be gone on with, but it is satisfactory to all members of the church that they have at last a building of their own in which services will be regularly held. As already mentioned, the Rev. H. Edwardes, of Launceston, takes charge of the Mount Lyell district, and opening celebrations and consecration of the church will take place on Sunday, 6th inst. Bishop Montgomery will arrive here on Saturday next. The lady members of the congregation, under the capable leadership of their energetic secretary, Mrs. Archd. Douglas, are busy arranging a social reunion for the 8th November to be at one and the same time a celebration of the opening of the church and a welcome to the new clergyman. The programme will include tableaux vivants and music. Some light refreshment will also be provided to make matters pleasant and sociable. The proceeds of the entertainment are to be devoted towards defraying the cost of providing seating for the new church.
The Mercury, 4 November 1898

The Bishop of Tasmania reached here last night from Zeehan, and was met at the station by the Rev. Edwardes and leading members of the Church of England. His Lordship dedicated St. Martins this morning at 11 o’clock, Holy Communion was celebrated at 8, and baptism was administered at 3, the children of Messrs. S. Gard and R. C. Sticht receiving the rite.
The Mercury, 7 November 1898

The ceremony of opening and dedicating St. Martin’s Church was performed on Sunday morning by the Right Rev. Dr Montgomery, Bishop of Tasmania, assisted by the new clergyman, Rev. H. Edwards, in the presence of a representative Anglican congregation. The building is centrally situated in Driffield-street south, and faces the railway line below the passenger station. His Lordship, instead of preaching a sermon, delivered an appropriate address, in the course of which he exhorted the Anglicans to adhere to the good old Church of England, to preserve their new building from any contaminating influences, and above all, to refrain from adding to it or improving it until they could afford the expenditure. The building was now practically free from debt, and it was to be earnestly hoped that it would always go remain. In the after noon the sacrament of baptism was celebrated, and in the evening, when the church was crowded, Dr. Montgomery preached a vigorous, common-sense sermon on “The workers in the vineyard.” In the course of his remarks on Sunday morning the Bishop paid a high and well merited tribute to the religious zeal, fervour, and Christian self-denial of the Rev. F. G. Copeland, the pioneer Anglican minister on the West Coast, whose splendid work in these rugged latitudes had been nobly performed and signally blessed. He had for years tramped over his extensive parish in all weathers, carrying glad tidings to the camp, and the village and the town, with the most cheerful disposition.

Zeehan & Dundas Herald, 8 November 1898

The Church of England reunion held last night was an unqualified success, and the tableaux vivants splendidly presents. The hon. secretary (Mrs Archd Douglas), was warmly congratulated on the all round success attending her untiring exertions The attendance was large.

The Rev F G Copeland, now on a visit here, introduced the new clergyman, the Rev W Edwardes, who was warmly welcomed.
The Mercury, 10 November 1898

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    March 25, 2019 at 7:00pm

    My great grandparents James Kelly and Jane Rudd got married in St.martins anglical church in 1901.He was a miner in Queenstown and passed away in a mining accident in 1905 in Queenstown.I have been trying to find a record of his death but so far no luck.Considering that they got married in St.Martins Church I was wondering would the church have any records of his death or any records actually.
    thank you for your help
    malcolm spence.

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