St James Anglican Church, Jericho (2)


Built 1883 and consecrated 1888, replacing an older church.

The first church that was constructed at Jericho served the needs of the pioneers for approximately 50 years. At the end of that time it was decided that a new structure, built on a more comprehensive and elaborate scale, was desirable. The people of the district got together, and lt was agreed that all should co-operate In order that the old structure, which was beginning to show signs of dilapidation, might be replaced with a church of improved standard. The necessary funds were raised by means bf hard work, and the impressive edifice which stands overlooking the township of Jericho to-day was constructed. The contract was carried out by the late Mr. Walter Fish, of Oatlands, and the dedication ceremony took place 45 years ago, being performed by Bishop Sanford, who controlled the affairs, of the Church of England in Tasmania at the time.
The Mercury, 7 April 1930

The Mercury 22 August 1882
The Mercury, 22 August 1882

The Mercury 11 November 1882
The Mercury, 11 November 1882

The Mercury 25 April 1883
The Mercury, 25 April 1883.

It is now nearly 50 years since the first Church of England was erected in the pretty little township of Jericho. The congregation, which then was not a very numerous one gradually, as year succeeded year, increased until it was found that the building was not sufficiently large to comfortably seat the church-goers. The matter was talked over, and it was resolved to erect a larger building. A committee was at once formed, and set to work to make all the necessary arrangements for doing so, Plans of a neat Gothic church, with a nave of 45ft. and 24ft.; a chancel 10ft wide, and a pretty little church were prepared by Mr. Hunter, architect, Hobart, and the contract for its erection let to Mr. Fish, of Oatlands, tor £835. By energy and determination the Building Committee succeeded in raising about £600 of the money required. A few weeks ago the old building was pulled down and preparations made for proceeding with the erection of the new church. The foundation stone of the now church was laid on Wednesday by the Rev Canon Mason, of New Town The day was beautifully fine, everything looked well, and a large gathering of people assembled to witness the ceremony, about 150 persons being present Among those present were the Rev Canon Mason, the Rev. John Buckland, and the Rev W F Mitchell, the incumbent of the parish, and Messrs H Harrisson and John Bisdoe, members of the Building Committee The usual services at the stone were con ducted by Canon Mason, assisted by the Revs Buckland and Mitchell. Previous to the ceremony a copy of The Mercury and of the Church News, together with a few coins, were placed in the stone. There were also placed in the stone the coins taken from the foundation stone of the old church, one of them bearing the date “1827.” The sum £20 was laid on the stone. The ceremonies were then brought to a close. The visitors were then entertained to a substantial banquet, which proved a suitable termination to the day’s proceedings. It may be mentioned that among those who have been doing their best to help forward the funds of the church, Mr. H. Harrisson has made himself mots conspicuous, and has been indefatigable in his endeavours to reduce the debt owing on the building.
The Mercury, 4 May 1883

The stone work of the new church is nearly completed. The wood work will, however, take some time, and it is thought that the whole business will scarcely be finished by Christmas.
The Mercury, 1 September 1883

The stonework of the now church is finished, and the roof pitched ready for shingling, which will be proceeded with with all dispatch until it is completed. It will doubtless be the first church that the Bishop will have the pleasure of opening in 1884.
The Mercury, 17 November 1883

The Mercury 25 April 1888
The Mercury, 25 April 1888.

His Lordship the Bishop of Tasmania, accompanied by Archdeacon Mason, visited Jericho on Sunday last, for the purpose of consecrating the new church at that place which was dedicated to St. James. There was a very large attendance on the occasion, and a very creditable contribution in aid of the building.
Daily Telegraph, 5 May 1888

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