St Clement’s Anglican Church, Kingston


100 Beach Rd, Kingston. Google Maps.

Opened 1894, to replace a stone church on the same site.
Consecrated 1895.



A largely attended meeting was held in the Assembly rooms Kingston, on Wednesday evening last, to consider the question of the Kingston new church. The Incumbent, the Rev J R De Coetlogon, was in the chair. After prayer, the minutes of a former meeting were read by the Chairman, who also read letters from the Bishop and the Rev J W H Geiss, containing their opinions as to the new church.

Mr Lovett moved the rescinding of a resolution passed at a former meeting that the church should be built of stone He considered that a wooden church would be infinitely better. Mr James Lucas sen., seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously. The Rev. A. Pollard moved,-” That the Kingston new church be built of wood,” and spoke very strongly in favour of such a structure. Mr H Joliffe seconded the motion heartily. He considered that a wooden church could be, and ought to be, built immediately.

The Rev Chairman, before putting the motion to the meeting, asked if any were in favour of building a stone church, to be built by degrees as funds might allow. None being in favour of this the Rev A. Pollards motion, “That the church be built of wood,” was put to the meeting and carried unanimously amid applause
The Mercury, 1 June 1894


The foundation of the present structure is believed to have been the source of all the trouble there has been with it, and it is quite probable it may be difficult and very expensive to get a secure foundation for a new heavy building on the site of the old church, whilst the stability of the foundation would not be of the same consequence were the building to be of wood; and, again, a wooden building would be easier and less expensively enlarged as population increases, It might, too, be planned to provide for enlargement.
The Mercury, 14 December 1893


Yesterday afternoon the foundation-stone of St. Clement’s Church, Kingston, was laid by Bishop Montgomery under very favourable circumstances. The pretty little township was en fete, and the occasion was generally regarded as a holiday. The country all around looked extremely beautiful in all the glory of early spring. Local residents of Kingston and the surrounding districts assembled in large numbers, and these were supplemented by about 150 persons who journeyed to the township by boat. The clergy present were :-the Bishop of Tasmania (Dr. Montgomery), Rev. Canons Finnis and Banks Smith, Revs. A. Cass. Wayn, Root, Heineken-Martin, Shoobridge, Hall, Geiss, Pollard, Copeland, Bucknell, and the incumbent, Kev. de Coetlogon. From the parsonage a procession, which comprised the clergy, choir, Sunday-school, and the workmen, headed by banners, marched to the site of the new church. Here the decorations were surprisingly fine. Over the north entrance a fine Gothic arch, surmounted by a cross, was erected in huge tree-ferns, The decorations at the stone, too, were exceptionally good, and reflected great, credit upon Mr. Henry, whose work they were. St. Clement’s is to be built in an eastward position, on precisely the same site as the old church, and it will be of wood on a stone foundation. Messrs. Tibbs and Jones, the contractors, are working from plans from the studio of Mr. Geo. Fagg, and the style of the church is to be early English.
The Mercury, 23 August 1894



Why two sisters of Kingston gaze so intently from their back verandah at the new church structure. Are they in love with the carpenters.
The Clipper, 22 December 1894


Services were held in this church for the first time yesterday. In the morning Rev. Canon Whitington preached, the service being taken by the incumbent, Rev. R. J. Da Coetlogon, and Rev. J. W. Geiss, former incumbent. In the evening the Bishop of Tasmania (Dr. H. H. Montgomery) preached, and a number of candidates were presented and confirmed. The building is not yet entirely finished, the consecration not taking place until next month, but it was thought desirable to make use of it for the Christmas services.
The Mercury, 24 December 1894


Yesterday afternoon Bishop Montgomery consecrated the recently built church at Kingston dedicated to St. Clement.
The Mercury, 14 February 1895





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