St Aidan’s Anglican Church, East Launceston


Arthur St, East Launceston (between Berean St & Lanoma St). Google Maps.

Foundation stone laid 1893.
Opened 1894.

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The foundation stone of the school church of St. Aidan was laid yesterday afternoon by the Right Rev. H. H. Montgomery, D.D., Bishop of Tasmania. The site is near the junction of Arthur and Abbott streets, and is intended for mission work in connection with St. John’s parish. This work was commenced in temporary premises about a year ago, and has been carried on with such success that it was decided to erect a suitable building for its continuation. It was rather unfortunate that the weather was not favourable for the event, but, not withstanding that the rain fell steadily during the ceremony, there was a fair attendance, and the proceedings, which were conducted with the usual impressiveness, were watched with interest. The clergymen present were the Revs. B. C. Nugent Kelly, M.A., F. Parnall, B.A., W. H. Webster, A. Turnbull, and L. Tarleton. It had been decided to shorten the service in consequence of the rain, but after the ceremony of laying the stone had been concluded an adjournment was made to a tent that had been erected at the foot of the hill, wherein Mrs Montgomery, assisted by Miss Genders, had arranged a ” Christmas tree” to provide an afternoon’s pleasure for the children. The service was continued under this canvas covering. The Bishop gave a brief address, congratulating St. John’s parish upon the success of past endeavours, and wishing the new institution and the Anglican Church continued success.

The following is a copy of the document which was, with the newspapers of the day, placed under the stone:–

Parish of John the Evangelist, Launceston, in the diocese of Tasmania. On this twenty-first day of July, 1893, was laid by the Lord Bishop of the Diocese, the Right Reverend Henry Hutchinson Montgomery, D.D., this foundation stone of a building to be erected on this spot consisting of a school-room with chancel and class-rooms. The said building will be used for services of the Church of Eng land as well as for school and other pur poses, and will be raised to the greater glory of God, and the memory of the great Celtic missionary who firmly planted the Christian faith and Christian Church in England, Saint Aidan. The work to be carried on in the building was begun in temporary premises in Abbott-street last year, and the need having been proved thereby of the extension of the work of the church in this direction of the parish, the churchwardens sought means to place it on a satisfactory footing, and Messrs J. and T. Gunn having offered liberal terms, the work was put in hand and commenced this day. May God Almighty further it to the greater glory of His name and to the benefit of Christ’s Holy Kingdom.

Officials of the parish :-Richard Charles Nugent Kelly, M.A., incumbent; Frank Parnall, B.A., assistant-curate; Joseph C. Genders, Walter Perrin, and Ernest Whitfeld, churchwardens; Miss Genders, first superintendent of the school.

Afternoon tea and refreshments were provided, and spite of the wet weather the event was carried out with a success that augurs well for the future.
Launceston Examiner, 22 July 1893




On the afternoon of Friday, July 21, 1893, under heavy showers of rain, the foundation stone of St. Aidan’s School Church was laid by the Right Rev. H. H. Montgomery, Bishop of Tasmania. Yesterday morning, in bright, genial weather, the opening services were conducted by his Lordship, the church being so far complete as to allow of the proceedings being carried out and the services continued. The building is situated on the brow of the hill in Arthur-street, near Abbott-street, in St. John’s parish, and a very pretty view is obtained from the site. The thickly populated neighbourhood and its distance from St. John’s Church suggested the idea, nearly two years ago, of establishing a place for carrying on mission and Sunday school work in the locality. The work was begun, and succeeded so well, in temporary premises in Abbott-street, that the church wardens considered it advisable to decide upon the erection of a suitable building in order that the influence of mission effort should be extended. Accordingly plans were prepared by Mr A. North, and Messrs J. and T. Gunn, the contractors, commenced work forthwith, the result being that a very handsome and substantial building is now very nearly complete. So far as the structure is concerned, the plans show that it measures 37ft by 25ft. It is built of brick on a stone foundation, with ornamental brick arches over the windows and a slate roof. The chief feature of the building, however, when completed will be the tower, about 80ft high, of Oatlands freestone, German Gothic in design-a style which was much in vogue during the 16th century-and elegantly carved to suit the character of the building. At present only a portion of the tower is constructed, so as to form a porch, but as soon as funds are available it is intended to complete the structure, thus adding a great deal to its imposing character. There is some beautiful ornamental work upon the edifice, especially that immediately over the entrance, and Mr Sylvanus Wilmot who carved the designs, may be congratulated upon the effect of his work.
Launceston Examiner, 18 May 1894













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    Karen Fogg

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    Hello Monissa, Thank you for the photos of St Aidans. This was the church I grew up in. Found your site whilst looking for photos of it to include in a talk I’m doing on The Church.

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    Please advise church sermon times.

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    January 8, 2017 at 9:50am

    I was hoping to find out what your doctrinal beliefs are!
    Do you believe in Creation or Evolution?
    Do you accept that the Bible is the Word of God?
    Are we saved by Grace?
    Are you pre-millenial in your beliefs?
    Do you believe in the Rapture?
    Do you accept the Apostles Creed?


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    Could you please tell me the name of the Rector in 1965

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    Margaret MacKenzie

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    Could you please tell me the name of the Rector at St. Aidan;’s in 1965

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    Barrie Pepper

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    Has St Aidan’s Church been reprieved from the sale of Anglican Church buildings? I maintain a register of St Aidan’s churches across the world and need to keep it accurate. Thanks and good wishes.
    Barrie Pepper, Parish Communications Officer, St Aidan’s Church, Leeds, UK.

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