Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church, Stanley (1)

Opened 1897. Demolished 1930 and replaced by a newer building on the same site,


Sunday last was a red latter day for the Catholic portion of our little community , the new Catholic church being dedicated and blessed by the Very Rev. Dean Beechinor, of Launceston, ? The church was named the Star of the Sea. The Rev. Fathers Cunningham and Higgins (Burnie) assisted in the impressive ceremony. Dean Beechinor celebrated High Mass, Father Cunningham being deacon and Father Higgins sub deacon. The Dean delivered a simple but instructive sermon, and concluded his remarks by complimenting the Catholics of the district on the find building erected, also thanking members of other denominations for their kind and material assistant in the matter.

The new church is built of brick and is a substantial and handsome building. The nave is 40 feet long and 25 feet wide. The original plan shows the nave 50 feet with chancel and sacristy, which are to be constructed in the future, being deferred for the present owing to want of sufficient funds. The edifice as built is quite large enough for present requirements. Messrs Gunn, of Launceston were the builders and Mr Luttrel architect.

Wellington Times, 17 July 1897

Catholic Church to be Re-built
Owing to the leakage through the wall which were of solid brick, it has been deemed necessary to demolish the Church of Our Lady, Star of the Sea, which has stood in an unfinished state for more than thirty years. The work of dismantling has already commenced and it is intended, as soon as the site is cleared, to commence a new brick church, using the existing foundations, the new church will be modelled on the Romanesque style, the plans having been drawn by Mr H.S. East of Launceston. It is not intended to in crease the seating accommodation, but merely to add the sanctuary and sacristy which were not included in the old building. The reconstruction is in the hands of Mr. K. W. Howe of Launceston, and it is hoped that the building will be complete, and ready for use early in the New Year. The contract price for the building complete is £1985, including £30 for contingencies.

Circular Head Chronicle, 8 October 1930

Roman Catholic Church:
The work of demolishing the Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea was started on Monday, to make room for the proposed new church of the same name. Ono of the chief faults in the old church, which was built 32 years ago, is that the walls were solid, no cavity being left to prevent moisture coming through, and they there fore leak. The new building, of which Mr. H. S. East, of Launceston, is the architect, is to be Romanesque in design. The contractor is Mr. K. Howe, of Launceston. The building will be about 20 feet longer than the old one, the addition comprising the Sanctuary and Sacristies. The seating accommodation will also be slightly more than in the old building. It is expected that the new church will be finished before Christmas, and in the meantime divine service will be conducted in the large dining-room of the Presbytery, which has been set up as a chapel.

Advocate, 8 October 1930

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