Moorina Cemetery

I thought these headstones had been transcribed on another web site but I can’t find any (someone must have somewhere??). So if you want a transcription and the headstone is visible in one of these photos, ask in the comments. I didn’t take them with the intention of transcribing them but I might be able to work them out 🙂 These are the only photos I have though, so if it’s not below, I can’t help.

Chinese Memorial & Funerary Oven

A Chinaman, named Lin Foo, died rather’ suddenly at the Garibaldi camp on Sunday night, It appeals that he has suffered from heart disease for some time, and after gambling on Sunday evening, smoked some opium, and died soon after. He was buried in the cemetery here this evening. Tho Chinese are certainly rather unceremonious in their manner of disposing of their dead. They have no prayers, the coffin is lowered directly into the grave, and on top of it are thrown a quantity of calico, a billy containing rice, and a pair of chop sticks. The grave is then filled in, and while this is being done they burn large quantities of paper and candles, specially prepared for this purpose, and incense. There is little or no show of feeling, most of the mourners or followers talking and smoking, evidently seeming glad it is all over.
The Mercury, 20 December 1886

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    William John Turner

    June 4, 2020 at 10:18pm

    25 June 1843 Ann (also Annie) Webb was born; father Daniel Webb, mother Mary Ann recorded as in Avoca. There are many records of the the birth, but none that I have been able to find with any details of Mary Ann ?.
    Daniel was married to Elizabeth Wilson in 1843 and had 3 children with her in 1841,1850 and 1853. Mary Ann is my 2nd great grandmother.
    Daniel was transported, pardoned and owned land in Avoca and Perth.
    In the pardoned records the Daniel Webb, Royal George.

    Maybe there is some record of Mary Ann at St Thomas’s Church in Avoca Can you help?

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      Monissa Whiteley

      June 5, 2020 at 6:33am

      You’d have to contact the Catholic church (see links on the right) to ask but I don’t think they’d have anything useful.

      Interesting situation, so I broke my no research rule and had a poke around but found nothing. I think your only chance is finding a Mary Ann mentioned on some context with the family and seeing if she “fits”.

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