(former) St Andrews Presbyterian/Uniting Church, Deloraine

32 West Goderich St, Deloraine. Google maps.
Opened 1884. Now privately owned.
For sale as a house
Badly copied B&W photo, 1933

The plaque on the wall says: “St Andrews Church, 1883-1983, Now Privately Owned, 32 West Goderich Street, Deloraine, Tasmania”


Examiner 16 July 1883
Launceston Examiner, 16 July 1883.

Examiner 12 November 1883
Launceston Examiner, 12 November 1883.


The new Presbyterian Church was opened on Sunday last. The Rev. E. C.Tennent, the minister of the church, delivered the sermon in the morning, selecting for his text Psalm 24, 7, 8, 9, 10 v. in a very eloquent and impressive manner. In the afternoon the Rev. J. Lyle preached from Roman 5, 21 v., also in a very impressive manner. At both services the church was crowded, especially in the afternoon, the porch and vestry being full, and many had to leave, not being able to gain admittance. There was a collection at each service, which realised £13 1s 1d. Tenders for the church were called; and one accepted, on August 3, 1883, for the sum of £610, The successful tenderer being Mr Cottar. The architect was Sir Harry Conway. The building is a very neat substantial structure 40 x 25 ; bluestone foundation, and brick walls, gable ends, principle roofs, vestry at the end 14 X 10.’ All woodwork is either stained or painted, some splendid graining being on the doors, reflecting great credit on the painter, Mr W. Ponsty. Altogether the interior presents a very neat appearance throughout. The contractor has carried, out his work in a real workmanlike way and deserves every credit. The total cost of the church, seats and all extras, was, £730, and the energetic committee have succeeded in raising by donations and subscription, £375 12s ; bazaar, £278 8s ; opening collection, £13 1s 1d ; total, £676 1s 1d ; leaving the sum of £54 to raise to entirely free the church form debt There was a very handsome Bible and hymn book on the pulpit kindly presented by Mr Birchall, of Launceston. I am requested by the committee to express their gratitude to their friends and the general public for their liberal aid and support to achieve so satisfactory a result.
Daily Telegraph, 12 June 1884


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