(demolished) St Mary’s Catholic Church, Cullenswood

1859-1899, 1909
Located near Catholic cemetery.


(From a Correspondent)
ON Sunday last, the new Catholic Church which has just been erected, in our little Village, was consecrated for Divine Service by the Lord Bishop of Hobart Town, assisted by the Revd. Mr. Fitzgerald. The little Church was densely crowded in every part. There were between 250 and 300 persons present, all of whom seemed to listen with breathless attention to His Lordship’s discourse, in which he dwelt most strongly on the evils of intemperance, a vice which is, unfortunately, too prevalent in this district. After the sermon a collection was made, and the munificent sum of £78 was realised. It is highly creditable to the Catholics of this District that they have succeeded so well in this undertaking. A great deal of praise is due to the zealous endeavors of their worthy pastor, who during the last two or three years has labored most indefatigably for this object. And when it is considered that Campbell Town is more than 50 miles distant from our Village, over a very bad road, some idea maybe formed of the difficulties which have had to he contended with.

The Church which is of an extremely chaste and simple style of architecture is amply fitted for the present wants of the congregation ; it is 40 feet long, by 20 broad. At one end, a beautiful bell turret has been erected, and we were pleased to hear the merry sound of its little bell on Sunday last. A fine Gothic window fills the east end, ii which, we are told, it is in contemplation to have painted.
Hobart Town Daily Mercury, 5 February 1859


CONCERT AT ST. MARY’S – An amateur concert, preceded by a tea meeting, was given recently at the Wesley Hall, St. Mary’s, by members of the Roman Catholic congregation at Cullenswood. Our correspondent says:–” We had musical talent all the way from George’s Bay, Avoca, and Fingal, and we must give the palm to Mr. Moat, of the first mentioned place, for certainly affording genuine amusement and pleasure, his rendering of the comical being really good. Miss Haske, of Avoca, and Mr. Fitzpatrick, from Fingal, also rendered admirable service. The object of the concert was to start a fund for enabling a now church to be built at St. Mary’s, or the removal of the existing wooden edifice from Cullenswood, that place being too far away for the majority of Father O’Reilly’s parishioners. The funds got a good start from the proceeds of the entertainment.”
The Mercury, 26 September 1891


On Sunday afternoon the old Catholic chapel at Cullenswood, that has been closed up for the past few years, was re-opened by Archbishop Delany. This building was in a dilapidated state some little time ago, and through the energetic efforts of Father Graham arrangements were made for its renewal, which has been success fully carried out. The Archbishop said the building had been renewed in order that the followers of the religion at Mount Nicholas and Cornwall collieries should have a place of worship close at hand, as the inclement weather during the winter months prevented many from journeying to St. Mary’s. Again, it would be the means of organising a Sunday-school for the children residing at these mines, which no doubt would be highly appreciated. A new organ had been placed in this chapel, and the building was now in a good state. The first mass is to be celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter. Father Graham, stated that the expenditure -was as follows: Renovating, £22; organ, £30; carpets , and fence and. incidental ex penses, £20. An appeal -was made to ; the congregation, which was ‘fairly well met, the Archbishop donating £5.
Daily Telegrah, 30 March 1909

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    Pat Rubenach

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    My GG Grandparents Bernard and Rose Madden are. both interred in the Catholic Cemetery as is my GGrandfathrr Peter .Madden. Their burial dates are 1886′ 1896 and 2004.

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      A correction to the above burial headstone of Peter Madden. Should read 1904 not 2004 as written earlier.

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