Baptist Church (Centenary Hall), Newstead


14 Wentworth St, Newstead. Google Maps.
Opened 1936.


Baptist Church Venture Ceremony at Newstead
The foundation stone of the Baptist Centenary Hall at Newstead was set in position on Saturday afternoon. It was the first occasion for some years on which such a ceremony has taken place In a new district, and optimistic references were mado to the growth of the suburb. The ceremony was performed by Mr. W. D. Weston, In the presence of a large gathering.

Mr. L. S. Bell, secretary to the James Duncan Trust, stated that Baptist work : In the Newstead neighbourhood began In 1Ü04, when the foundation of the present church on Elphin Road was set. The work in that church had grown considerably under the pastorate of the Rev. J. J. English, and it was felt that the time had arrived when an extension of the field was necessary. It was decided, therefore, to build at Newstead. The commodious premises In the course of construction were made possible by the substantial sum left by the late Mr. James Duncan for church extension in and about Launceston. The site of the church at the corner of Wentworth and Douglas Streets, was purchased In December, 1933. The trustees had great faith in the development of the district, and had so planned the buildings that they could be enlarged when necessary.

The Rev. V. G. Britton, president of the Baptist Union of Tasmania, referred to the generosity of the late Mr. James Duncan, who had been greatly Interested, not only in the work of the church, but also in the welfare of the people of the community. The late Mr. Andrew Duncan and members of the Gibson family also had done a great deal for Baptist Church work in the State. Launceston was making great progress, and the manner in which Newstead had advanced already was wonderful. Ho wished the venture every success.

The Revs. R. W. Dobbinson (Cimitiere Street) and E. J. Plenderleith (Memorial Baptist) expressed the good wishes of their congregations, and Mr. English, who will be the minister of the new church, also spoke.

In placing the foundation stone in position Mr. Weston used a silver trowel presented by the builders, Messrs. J. T. Farmilo and Sons. Mr, Weston said that the generosity of the late Mr. James Duncan would be fittingly commemorated In the new building.
The Examiner, 25 November 1935


For Newstead
Baptists’ Dedication Service
Before a large gathering on Satur day afternoon the new Baptist Church at the corner of Douglas and Wentworth streets, Newstead, was opened by Mr. J. T. Levis. A service was held in the church, ‘which had been deco rated with flowers. Rev. E. J. Plenderleith, of the Memorial Church, read the Scripture lesson, and brought greetings from the Launceston Ministers’ Fraternal and the Memorial Church. He stressed the fact that the fraternal was delighted that another house had been built for God, Rev. J. J. English welcomed Evangelist Geo. Hall, of Melbourne, who is to con duct a two weeks’ mission In the church. Mrs. E. Aulich sang “Take my life and let it be.”

The dedication prayer was offered by Evangelist Hall, and the dedication ad dress was given by Rev. J. J. English. Mr. English took his text from I. Kings, 8, 63. There was strong Scriptural evidence for a dedication service, he said. The ancient tabernacle erected in the wilderness and the first temple were in a very special way dedicated to God, and he had no hesitation in affirming that a church sincerely dedicated to God would be consecrated by God. “This church has been built and designed only for sacred uses, and in this public way we surrender it to the honour of God, to be employed in His worship and service,” continued the speaker. lie asked what was the purpose of the church,. It was not a social club where a few could gather to enjoy themselves. It was not a place for theatrical displays and all the cheap nonsense of worldly shows. It had a far nobler and loftier purpose than that. The first purpose of the church was evangelism-seeking to win the lost for Christ. The second purpose was for the exaltation of the ‘Lord Jesus Christ. Exposition of the word of God and the expressing of Christ in the world were also the design of the church, which sought to win men for Christ.

Evangelist Geo. Hall spoke to a large congregation in the evening, and delivered a stirring address. He also preached to a large congregation at the Elphin Baptist Church on Sunday morning. The mission commenced last night, and will continue for a fortnight, except Saturdays, at 7.45 each night.
The Examiner, 16 March 1936

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