Wesleyan Church/Uniting Church/Buddhist Centre, Invermay


Bryan St, Invermay. Google Maps.
Opened 21 February 1892.
Later a Uniting Church following the amalgamtion of churches to create the Uniting Church of Australia. Sold about 2000 and became Palpung Kagyu Thigsum Chokyi Ghatsal Tibetan Buddhist Institute.

First six photos are from 2012. Later photos, without fence, from 2005.

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Church of the Good Shepherd, Hadspen


Thomas Reibey of nearby Entally  at various times archdeacon of Launceston, state politician & premier, started building this church in 1868 but stopped after a couple of years. And it sat like this for most of the next century — just walls. It was finally completed and opened in 1961.

The lighter rows of stone in the top of the wall are the newer part.
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St John the Baptist Anglican Church, Buckland


Just off the highway at Buckland, formerly Prosser’s Plains. Google Maps.
Foundation stone laid 1846. Consecrated 1850.

This little church is best known for its large window which is claimed to date to the 14th century. The myths surrounding the window are looked at in a post on the Stained Glass Australia site. While the window isn’t 14th century, the design of the church is.

Better photos & some background.

Risk of closure


The headstones are around and in front of the church.
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