1826 Launceston

HTG 21 Ocotber 1826
Hobart Town Gazette, 21 October 1826


Robert Hay Marr Black Bull
Mr Richard White Launceston Hotel
William Patten Hope & Anchor
Robert Towers Caledonian Hotel
Mr William Field Plough
Alex Waddle Horse and Jockey
John Fawkner Cornwall House
Mr Henry Boyle Red Lion
Mr Alex Stewart Rose and Thistle
James Houghton Globe
George Burgess  Black Swan
Thomas Manning Jolly Sailor
Henry Davis Commercial Tavern
Mary Townsend Bird in Hand Long Meadow
Edward Dryden Plough Perth
William Frazer Lamb S. Esk River
William Coomes Bridge Inn Campbell Town
Roger Taylor Wheat-sheaf The Springs
Alex Drummond White Horse St. Paul’s Plains


Colonial Times, 29 September 1826

INNKEEPERS AND PUBLICANS. — The following persons have received licenses at Launceston, for the ensuing year:—

Mr. Richard White, Launceston Hotel
Mr. William Field, Plough Inn
Mr. John Fawkner, Cornwall House
Mr. Robert Towers, Caledonia
Mr. Henry Davis, Commercial Tavern
Mr. James Houghton, Horse and Jockey
Mr. Henry Boyle, Red Lion
Mr. Thomas Manning, Jolly Sailor
Mr. Alexander Stewart, Ship Inn
Mr. William Patten, Hope and Anchor
Mr. Henry Burgess, Black Swan
Mr. Drummond, Rose and Thistle
Mrs. Townson, Bird-in-Hand, (two miles from town)
Mr. Alexander Waddle, (one mile from town, sign unknown)
Mr. Robert Mar
and Mr. Coombs, at the Elizabeth River, no sign yet.

Colonial Times, 29 September 1826

The following persons have received Public-house licenses at Launceston, in addition
to those already published in our Paper : Mr. Edward Dryden, Plough; Mr. William
Fraser, Lamb; and Robert Taylor, Wheatsheaf.
Colonial Times, 27 October 1825

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