1840 Launceston

From the Launceston Advertiser, 3 September 1840:


The following applications for licenses, for 1841, were granted:—
Mr. J. M’Allan, Glasgow Tavern
Mr. W. Brean, Cross Keys
Mr. W. Brown, Mermaid, West Tamar;
Mr. Robert Brand, Ship Inn
Mr. E. Bartlett, Victoria Tavern
Mr. Joseph Barrett, King’s Head
John Barrett, Black Horse
E. Brown, Perth
W. Collins, Bulls Head
J. Corbett, Green Gate
C. Coward, ______
T. Dudley, Black Swan
J. Fossey, Hibernia
T. Fall, Portland Inn
T. Faro, Half Moon
W. M. Grayling, Dover Castle
R Heaney, Perth
John Hinshaw, Kangaroo
B. Hyrons, London Tavern
J Ives, George and Dragon
B. Jones, Franklin Village
John M’Kenzie, Scottish Chiefs
W. Kitson, Albion Inn
G. Lukin, Wharf House
A. Martini, Sawyers Arms
P. Monaghan, Britannia
W. Mason. Elephant and Castle
R. Pitt, St. Andrews Inn
G. Radford, Golden Lion
R, Robson, Crown Inn
Samuel Sherlock, George Town
C. Suisted, Steam Packet Tavern
J. G. Thomas, George and Dragon
Joseph Thorn, Coach and Horses
Susan Weavers, Duke of York
A. Wood, George Town
J. Wood, Cornwall Hotel.


N. Clarke, Union
J. Cassidy, Ferry House
C. Grant, Plough Inn
D. Judson, Launceston Hotel
T. Smith, Gardeners Arms
D. Sweeney, Star Inn
J. Tildesly, York Wine Vaults.

J. Brown, Semaphor Inn, Mount Direction
T. Barnett, Travellers Rest, Muddy Plains
J. Jacks, Anchor and Hope
T. Neville, White Hart
Mr. Scrivener, Perth.

Mr. Aughie, Wattle Tree. Mr. W. Brigg, deferred to Quarterly Meeting, the applicants being at present insolvent, but on the point of making a composition with his creditors, before which he was not entitled to receive a license.

F. Meyers, Queen’s Head; Major Wentworth objected to a license being granted to Mr. Meyers, on account of his opposition to the police in the execution of their duly upon several occasion— application refused.

Mr. Chugg, Edinburgh Castle; objected to by Mr. Hartley, on the ground of character— refused

J Williatt, Evandale; Mr. Wales objected strongly to a license being granted to Mr. Williatt, and in a lengthy speech related in what manner he had been insulted by Mr. Williatt, who he said was in the habit of tampering with the constabulary, and by this means raising an opposition against him in his magisterial office, and thereby enabled to violate the laws with impunity. [snipped for length] After a prolonged discussion, interspersed with loud cries of order and chair, during which time a great deal of confusion took place, inasmuch as, by way (we presume) of getting through the business with greater celerity, every one spoke at once, the question was put to the vote, and Mr. Williatt lost his license by a majority of 12 to 8.

James Yates, Bricklayers’ Arms; was objected to by Mr. Hartley, and his application refused.

James M’Leish, Caledonian Inn. An objection was raised by the Police Magistrate as to the character and situation of the house— the application was refused. A letter was afterwards read, from the landlord of the premises, offering to make any improvements their worships might think necessary ; but as the situation of the house was the main point of objection, the offer was disregarded.

William Bourne, Travellers Rest, Sandhill (formerly the Harrow Inn); refused on account of situation. Mr. Corbett. of the Green Gate, was also given to under stand that, for the same reasons, his house would be licensed for one year only, at the expiration of which time it would not be renewed.

Mr. Sidebottom was refused a license for the Plough Inn, Evandale, on the ground of the situation being very objectionable.

Mr. Reading, Mr. Segrave, and Mr. Simmonds were also refused, on account of the houses not being required, the bench having no wish unnecessarily to increase the number of licensed victuallers.

After the applications had all been gone through, some discussion took place amongst the assembled magistrates, respecting the course it behoved them to follow with reference to a desire, which appeared unanimous, of lessening, by some means or other the number of licensed houses in this town. The following resolution was proposed by Major Wentworth, seconded by Mr. Bartley, and finally agreed to with only one dissentient, (Captain Stuart), who objected to the first part of the resolution :— ” That it be now communicated by the Chairman to those publicans to whom licences have been granted at this meeting, that a very considerable reduction will be made in the number of licences granted at the next general meeting in 1841 ; and that licences will be granted only to those persons whose characters will bear the strictest scrutiny, and that the means of their accommodation and locality will be a guiding feature in granting such licences.”

Those to whom licenses had been granted then entered into the necessary cognizances, and the above resolution was read to all of them by the chairman.
Launceston Advertiser, 3 September 1840

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