Wheat Sheaf, Springs

1826 Robert Taylor, Wheat Sheaf, Springs

Roger Taylor Wheat-sheaf The Springs
Hobart Town Gazette, 21 October 1826

The following persons have received Public-house licenses at Launceston, in addition
to those already published in our Paper : Mr. Edward Dryden, Plough; Mr. William
Fraser, Lamb; and Robert Taylor, Wheatsheaf.
Colonial Times, 27 October 1825

From “Brady and his Associates”, serialised in the Tasmanian, 4 February 1888:
On Saturday night, the 6th April, five men being starved out approached Roger Taylor’s Wheat-sheaf Inn, at the Springs, near the Cocked Hat. Those men were immediately arrested, there being a dozen muskets levelled at them ; they were Brown, Code, M’Andrew, Logan, and Watson. On the following Sunday night two more were arrested at Mary Townsend’s Bird-in-Hand Inn, Long Meadow, (now King’s Meadows). Their names were Sullivan and Fagan. The three men who were seen travelling to the right made their appearance at what is now called Breadalbane, knocking at the old public, house called the Opossum. They demanded food and drink here, but imbibed a little too freely, and on Sunday morning staggering to what was known at that period as the Cherry Tree Avenue, they laid down and fell asleep.

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