Fire Brigade Hotel

1880 Michael Lawler, Wilmot Arms, Brisbane Street
1887 Edward Bonser, Wilmot Arms, Brisbane Street
1887 Edward Bonser, Fire Brigade Hotel, Brisbane Street

170 Brisbane St. Google Maps.
Later Druids, Imperial, Billabong, Galaxy, Plough Inn

Photo, as Billabong Hotel, 1992

Cornwall Chronicle, 19 May 1860
Cornwall Chronicle, 19 May 1860
The usual meeting for the transfer of Publican’s licenses was held at the Court House on Monday morning last.
J. Whiteford, Esq, Chairman of the Quarter Sessions, presided as Chairman. The on– other parties were W. Gunn, Esq, Police Magistrate, and his Worship, the Mayor.
The first application made was from John Sullivan, late of the Fire Brigade Hotel, Brisbane-street, to William Burston.
His Worship the Mayor, urged a “—– objection” to this transfer, inasmuch as he thought Mr Sullivan had been trafficking in public house licenses.
Mr Sullivan.–If then, Sir, I have been doing as you represent, it has been an unfortunate “traffic’ for me, as I have nearly emptied my pocket by so doing.
His Worship remarked that he had nothing to say against Mr Sullivan’s character. He had simple made the foregoing observation — the discharge of his public duty.
The Police Magistrate approved of the transfer of the licenses, and thought Mr Sullivan highly competent to conduct such an establishment as the Plough Inn, which had induced him retire from the Fire Brigade Hotel.
Transfer granted.
Cornwall Chronicle, 3 November 1860

Cornwall Chronicle, 15 december 1860
Cornwall Chronicle, 15 December 1860

Wilmot Arms, Brisbane-street. Michael Lawler, applicant.
Mr Coulter explained that this was the old Fire Brigade Inn, which had been closed owing to family differences. Mr Lawler was the occupier of the Wilmot Arms at present, and he purposed calling the house he now applied for by the same name. He had no objection to it either the premises or applicant.
The application was granted
Launceston Examiner, 2 December 1880

Daily Telegraph, 20 July 1887

Edward Bonser, Wilmot Arms Hotel.
Michael Lawler, Victoria Hotel.
These two licences were granted, and the name of Wilmot Arms Hotel was allowed to be changed to Fire Brigade Hotel. A compliment was paid by Mr. Coulter to Michael Lawler, for the clean and satisfactory condition of the Victoria Hotel.

Launceston Examiner, 9 December 1887

Daily Telegraph, 3 December 1889
Daily Telegraph, 3 December 1889

Mr. Lawler was the only surviving member of the family of the late Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lawler. His father was an hotelkeeper in the early days, and opened the Wilmot Arms Hotel at the corner of Brisbane and Wellington streets. Subsequently he took over the Fire Brigade Hotel (now Imperial), In Brisbane-street, and later the Victoria, subsequently changed to the Burnie Hotel, in Elizabeth-street, the present site of the Trades Hall.
Examiner, 13 November 1941

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