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1860 John Mason, Ship Inn, Wharf

Cornwall Chronicle, 4 January 1860

Mr. Jn. Mason, landlord of the “Ship Inn,” Queen’s Wharf, with his usual liberality, and with the view of encouraging healthy and harmless athletic amusements, has given a reward or prize of a very handsome pair of mounted pistols, to be rowed for in three Watermen’s boats, (Sisters, Green Linnet, and Jubilee), by some of his amateur aquatic friends at five o’clock this evening. The boats to start from Green’s Wharf round the second pile in Tea Tree Reach and pull back to Green’s Wharf. From the known skill of the pullers and aptitude of the little coxswaine, an interesting half hour’s contest is anticipated.
Cornwall Chronicle, 28 January 1860

The Annual Licensing Meetings will be held on Monday next. Amongst the application is one from Alfred Stephen Harris for a license to the house at the corner of Bathurst and York-streets, formerly “Lamb and Flag.” Mr Hely intends to alter the designation of “The Ship Inn,” Wharf, to that of “The Duke of Edinburgh,” and Mr Walter Harris intends to alter the title of his new premises at the corner of Charles and Patterson-streets from “The Turf Hotel” to “The Plough Inn.”
Cornwall Chronicle, 30 November 1867

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