Commercial Hotel, Zeehan

1890-96 Andrew Theoder Anderson, Commercial Hotel, Zeehan
1897-99 Francis Henry Farner, Commercial Hotel, Zeehan,
1899-1900 A. T. Anderson, Commercial Hotel, Zeehan

Another Hotel for Mount Zeehan.— The various forms of activity and general progress towards civilisation which Mount Zeehan and that part of the West Coast is now beginning to show in view of the opening up of the silver fields and construction of the Mount Zeehan Railway, will during the coming week be added to by the preliminary steps for the construction of a good substantial hotel to the order of Mr A. T. Anderson, late of the Tamar Hotel, William-street. When the hotel is completed it will be kept by Mr Anderson, and as he has been long connected with mining and hotel business in this colony the needs of those who visit the silver fields will be well considered. His name is also a guarantee that the establishment will be conducted with a strict adherence to order and decorum : things which are seldom found on large mining fields.

The hotel, which will be named the Exchange, will be situated on the Silver King Extended Company’s claim, and about 20 chains from the Mount Zeehan Hotel, now kept by Mr W. Anderson, will be a two-storey structure of wood, containing a large bar 25 x 20, with parlor and commercial room attached. A 6ft entrance hall will lead to a public dining-room 29 x 18, ; and a private dining-room and parlor. The lower flat will also have kitchen, servants’ room, and the necessary outbuildings, and all rooms on the ground floor will be wainscotted 4ft deep. The top flat will comprise 11 large bedrooms divided by a corridor, and the building will be adorned by a 6ft balcony in the front, and extending along one side. Mr A. E. Luttrell, of Cameron-street, is the architect, and the plans of the building, which it will be seen is intended to be alike serviceable and 1 attractive, will be on view at Mr J. Barclay’s, Brisbane-street, to-day. The whole of the requisite timber, etc., will be shipped for Macquarie Harbor in the s.s. Cambria, which has been chartered for the purpose, and sails about Thursday next. Mr A. Luttrell, builder, proceeds to Mount Zeehan in a few days to personally superintend the erection of the hotel.
Daily Telegraph, 15 February 1890

Mr. Anderson applied for a permit for his large and commodious hotel at Mount Zeehan, which is approaching completion. Application granted. Messrs. Rich and Bowen applied for a permit for the Mount Zeehan Hotel. Application granted.
The Mercury, 9 May 1890

Further along the road, and about half- way between the Zeehan Hotel and terminus of the railway, stands a new hotel, built by Mr. Anderson, not the former proprietor of the “Zeehan,” but another enterprising man who saw the requirements of the district and attempted to meet them. It is a 2-storey building containing 23 rooms, including 14 bedrooms, public and private dining and sitting rooms, bar parlours, and other conveniences. On February 25 the work was commenced, and now it is completed. Everything is fitted up well, almost sumptuously for a country hotel, and travellers to Mount Zeehan will find their wants attended to in a civil and obliging manner.
The Mercury, 5 June 1890

Formerly of East Coast, late of Tamar Hotel, Launceston, wishes to draw attention of visitors to Zeehan and the mining public that he has now completed his magnificent hotel, and can confidently recommend its superiority of accommodation to anything on the West Coast.
All of the most modern convenience.
Zeehan and Dundas Herald, 20 October 1890

Commercial Hotel, Zeehan This Old-Established and Comfortable Hotel has been completely renovated
Zeehan and Dundas Herald, 31 May 1892

Mr A. T. Anderson, proprietor of the Commercial Hotel, was welcomed back to Zeehan yesterday by a number of old friends.
Zeehan and Dundas Herald, 8April 1899

Mr A. T. Anderson, the owner of the Commercial Hotel, Zeehan, has resumed the business of that well-known establishment and solicits a share of support. The premises have been renovated throughout and many improvements effected to add to the convenience and comfort of patrons.
Zeehan and Dundas Herald, 13 April 1899

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