Woolpack Inn

Cnr Brisbane & Bathurst Sts
Wellington Street

1844 Robert Pearson, Woolpack Inn, Brisbane & Bathurst Streets
1845 Robert Pearson, Woolpack, Brisbane & Bathurst Streets
1846 Robert Pearson, Woolpack, Wellington Road/Sandhill

Launceston Advertiser, 16 November 1844

Robert Pearson, Wool Pack Inn, Sand-Hill.- Mr. Bartley objected on account of the house being dirty and ill-furnished; also applicant living in a state of adultery.-Unanimously refused.
Cornwall Chronicle, 2 September 1846

Mechanic’s Hotel — Butcher’s Arms

Western side of Bathurst St, north of Balfour St. (Next door to Centennial?) Google Maps, approximate location

1859-61 Roderick Carey, Mechanics Hotel, Bathurst-street.
1862 William Hoyle, Mechanics Hotel, Bathurst-street.
1862 William Bransgrove, jun., Mechanics Hotel, Bathurst-street.
1863 Charles William Crofts, Butcher’s Arms, Bathurst St
1864 James Morris Martin, Butcher’s Arms, Bathurst-street
1867 Henry Walbourne, Butchers’ Arms, Bathurst-street.
1868 Henry Thomas Collings, Butchers’ Arms, Bathurst-street.
1870 George Brooks, Butcher’s Arms, Bathurst-street

The applications of Mr. Roderick Carey for a licence to his new premises at the corner of Balfour and Bathurst-streets, of Mr. Alfred Fowler for those at the corner of Brisbane and Margaret streets. and of Mr. Benjamin Hyrons, for those at the corner of St. John-street and the Quadrant, were refused on the ground of there being no necessity for additional Public houses in those neighbourhoods.
Cornwall Chronicle, 4 December 1858

Launceston Examiner, 8 February 1859
Launceston Examiner, 8 February 1859

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