Cartela was built in 1912, as a steam powered passenger and cargo ferry, operating on the Derwent River and surrounding waterways. There's not many passengers vessels from that era still in existence, and far fewer that have seen continuous service.



In the 1950s, she became a motor vessel. Diesel, I think. That's the original engine.

First deck

On entering, this is what I saw.


Just inside the entrance, is a... fire place? Electrical heating or something similar, not an open fire, but still it seemed odd, until I went upstairs.

First deck, aft

Beyond the bar, is this area of seating

Out back

and further out in the stern, this bit.

Now up the stairs...


Top deck

Now this is more like a large, if very elegant hall, than something afloat. There's even a piano and a bar.


That's the piano.

Out window

Top deck, other way

Looking back towards the bow. A 1910s/1920s style dinner party or dance would not feel out of place here.


Through the doors is the wheel.

Top deck -- to stern

Beyond this bar, is a out door seating area (you can see it in the second from the top photo) with good views.

Lower stairs

There's also another area below the main deck, which I assume is for storage and such.


On the way out, this is the bow.


From shore

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