Paddle Steamer Gem, Pioneer Settlement, Swan Hill

From the information panel just before going aboard,  the Gem was built in 1876 as a barge, but a year later "was fitted with’4 40 horsepower steam engine, wood fired boilers and upper works enabling her to be employed carrying freight and passengers on the River Murray as a steamer.

In 1882, she was "cut in half using simple hand tools and the two pieces dragged apart by bullocks. A new 12 metre section was inserted in the space and an extra deck was added to allow more room for both passengers and cargo."

"In service, her lower deck was used for cargo storage; engine room, dining room and galley. Passenger accommodation was located on the middle deck, while the top deck was used for the wheelhouse and to accommodate the crew. The Gem also had a Smoking Room at the rear of the upper deck for gentlemen and a Music Room for the ladies at the front of the middle deck."

Exterior photos.

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Lower deck

Middle deck: cabin, music saloon

Upper deck

Gaiety Theatre, Zeehan

A large theatre in a (now) small mining town. Built 1898. A small historical display within the building provides the following information:

Edward Mulchay M.H.A built a timber hotel called the Royal Exchange on the site of an abandoned silver/lead mine in 1882. It was totally destroyed by fire two years later but within five years he had assembled his own and other capital to enter into a new enterprise, the Gaiety Theatre and Grand hotel. The destruction of the Royal Exchange and his personal loss of 5,000 pounds were strong in his mind so the new building was to be built of bricks, the first of which were being made at that time in Zeehan by John Connor.

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Old Parliament House, Canberra

The original parliament house in Canberra was built in the 1920s (opened 1927) and was intended to be a temporary place for parliament to meet. Its replacement was completed in 1988, and is on the hill above. This older building now houses the Museum of Australian Democracy.

Main entrance.



Side entrance (along front facade).

Senate Chamber

House of Representatives Chamber

Press Gallery

Senate Opposition Party Room

Prime Minister's Suite

Prime Minister's Office